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Our house was so secluded that it took more than 3/4s of an hour to get there, but she said she could use the exercise.

When Vera left she said, "don't do anything I wouldn't do, Ill be back in an hour or two." We saw her cycle down the road.

I continued massaging her thighs gently, moving closer and closer to her naked mound. I was sure by then that she was accepting it I looked again at my wife; she had her eyes closed. If she didnt like it, shed close her legs for sure. I felt the moist cleft of her sex I couldnt believe I was doing it. " "That's what we were both hoping" my wife replied, with a smile.

And so I dared to touch my mother in laws pussy "by accident". But then our fifteen minutes were up, and she jumped under an ice-cold shower.

I even noticed that she spread her legs a little to allow me to massage her there. My erection subsided and I just hoped nobody had noticed too much.

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ASACP - Copyright © 2017 a - Live Chatroom - Nippels Blog - Old Nipples - Sitemap - Nipples RSS- Trade Nipples Traffic Disclaimer: All models appearing on are 18 years or older."Does Vera always get a bit excited from your massages", she said. "You must have felt my excitement too, and it definitely left me unsatisfied" I looked her in the eyes I knew what she wanted. And a tingle in my groin told me that at least a big part of my body wouldnt mind giving it to her. "It must've been hard being alone for all this time" She kissed my palm. "Hey George, that was a wonderful massage you gave me this afternoon", she said. I pushed the tip of my tongue between her lips and flicked it over her clit. "Youre welcome, I liked giving it", I replied sincerely. " I couldn't help myself, mom." I replied, a little embarrassed. Deep and intense, I caressed her between her thighs and went for her pussy. I found her wet slit and teased her clit with my fingertips. My mother in law said, maybe Ill go for another swim. "Well, weve seen each other nude before, and its so much nicer to swim like this", she said and jumped into the pool.She went up to her room to change, but she came back in a robe. I was a bit startled, but then againwhy shouldnt I be. We were swimming our lengths for a while but then we rested a bit at one end.Im not sure, but I caught Mom sometimes stealing a furtive glance between my legs. I started in safe mode, massaging her shoulders and spine.After this turn in the sauna we went swimming again and when we were back inside, my mother-in-law said to me "I wouldnt mind a massage too". But I grew bolder after a while my hands travelled lower and lower, massaging her butt.But I wouldnt dream of doing that with her mother as a witness. After a while we went back into the sauna for a third turn.This time we all sat upright, and I didnt hide my private parts anymore. I glanced at my wife for her reaction and without speaking, she nodded in the affirmative.


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