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When I wrote 5 Reasons Why Many Christian Girls Remain Single, I never meant to follow it up with the same topic directed at men. Two days ago, I decided not to listen to music as I normally do in the morning but turned the radio on, hoping to hear a sermon.

What I heard as I scanned for the right channel was a reading from the expositor study bible from Son life radio station here in Baton Rouge.

During her concert in Glasgow, Scotland the singer paused for a moment of silence for both Sterling and Castile.The couple on the radio was reading from Genesis 24 – the story of how Eliezer (Abraham’s servant) took a wife for Isaac.That particular morning, the story gripped me in a way that I had hitherto experienced.'I’m hurt that I knew his death wouldn’t be the last….I’m saddened and disappointed in THIS America – we should be further along. I trust God and know everything that happens is for our greatest good, but man…. Blessings to all the families that have lost loved ones to police brutality.'He also posted an update that appeared to lament the loss of the Black Panthers: the top half of the image shows a historic photo of armed members of the organization, while the bottom shows a group of black people holding their hands up.'Although I am constrained in commenting on the particular facts of these cases, I am encouraged that the U. Department of Justice has opened a civil rights investigation in Baton Rouge, and I have full confidence in their professionalism and their ability to conduct a thoughtful, thorough, and fair inquiry.'Nate Parker, the actor and director of upcoming 'The Birth of Nation' film, tweeted: 'The assault on the black body in this country is as American as apple pie. Let's prove #Black Lives Matter.'San Francisco 49ers star Colin Kaepernick shared a video of Sterling's shooting death on Instagram and wrote: 'This is what lynchings look like in 2016! This (expletive) is (expletive) horrible, and it needs to (expletive) stop.'Vermont Sen.We must be ready to be a blessing to her instead of going empty-handed, having to ask for and live off some of her stuff.Men, it is extremely difficult for a woman to respect a man who is not ready – who is not ready to be leader, provider, spiritual leader, and godly man that he has been called to become.Nothing puts off a woman more than a desperate man.But guys who move with godly direction do not become unequally yoked with those from strange lands.Beyonce (pictured above Thursday in Glasgow) wrote: 'We're going to stand up as a community and fight against anyone who believes that murder or any violent action by those who are sworn to protect us should consistently go unpunished'In a statement Jay Z said: 'I made this song a year or so ago, I never got to finish it.Punch (TDE) told me I should drop it when Mike Brown died, sadly I told him, ‘this issue will always be relevant.


  1. God has a sense of humor. When I wrote 5 Reasons Why Many Christian Girls Remain Single, I never meant to follow it up with the same topic directed at men.

  2. We have 100's of members waiting to talk to someone just like you. Looking for romance Looking for romance. Baton Rouge Disabled Dating;

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