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The town was not established until after 1915, when opal was discovered by Wille Hutchison.The harsh summer desert temperatures mean that many residents prefer to live in caves bored into the hillsides ("dugouts").It was the first new iron ore mining area opened in South Australia since the 19th Century.Both the town and its hinterland, for different reasons, are photogenic and have attracted film makers.In all, there are more than 45 nationalities represented.The local golf course – mostly played at night with glowing balls, to avoid daytime heat – is completely free of grass, and golfers take a small piece of "turf" around to use for teeing off.Typical of a desert climate, diurnal ranges are wider than in most places, with an annual average high of 27.5 °C (81.5 °F) and an annual average low of just 14.1 °C (57.4 °F).From December to February, the weather warms up and summer temperatures range from 35 °C (95 °F) in the shade, with occasional dust storms.

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The town also has an Australian rules football club, the Coober Pedy Saints, established in 2004 and compete in the Far North Football League (formerly the Woomera & Districts Football League).Aboriginal people have a long-standing connection with the area.The first European explorer to pass near the site of Coober Pedy was Scottish-born John Mc Douall Stuart in 1858.Due to the town's isolation, to play matches the Saints must make round trips of over 900 kilometres (560 mi) to Roxby Downs, where the rest of the league's teams are located.Coober Pedy has a desert climate (Köppen climate classification BWh).A standard three-bedroom cave home with lounge, kitchen, and bathroom can be excavated out of the rock in the hillside for a similar price to building a house on the surface.However, dugouts remain at a constant temperature, while surface buildings need air conditioning, especially during the summer months, when temperatures often exceed 40 °C (104 °F).The relative humidity rarely gets over 20% on these hot days, and the skies are usually cloud-free.The average maximum temperature is 30–32 °C (86–90 °F), but it can get quite cool in the winter.The District Council of Coober Pedy estimates the population to be around 3,500.Approximately 60% of the people are European, migrating from southern and eastern Europe after the Second World War.


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