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Last weekend, Delta Airlines exercised its constitutional right to speak freely on political issues and to choose with whom it associates by announcing that it would no longer offer a special discount to members of the National Rifle Association.

Soon after, Republicans in Georgia, where the Atlanta-based airline is headquartered, threatened to retaliate against the company unless it reversed its stance. State officials should never threaten any Americans for their political viewpoints or attempt to coerce them into associating with a specific lobbying group.

Browse back issues of The Atlantic from 1857 to present that have appeared on the Web.

From September 1995 to the present, the archive is essentially complete, with the exception of a few articles, the online rights to which are held exclusively by the authors.

” That was Jimmy Kimmel, in 1999, announcing the guiding ethic of the new Comedy Central series he and Adam Carolla debuted that year.

, they declared, would be a show by men, for men, about men.

Yet there are also plenty of reasons why officials might be interested in leaving, many of them interwoven.

Stars glitter in the night sky, a mystical flute soundtrack lilts, and a narrator’s voice intones: “All that you see around you was at the bottom of the sea.” The Conquistadors named the flat desert basin that formed after the sea receded , or Journey of the Dead Man.So when I say that, despite all the hubbub of late, I’m skeptical Congress will do much to reform gun-safety laws, please know that I am very much hoping to be proved wrong.Plenty of smart folks seem optimistic that this time will be different—that the activism of the Parkland survivors is fueling a public outcry that will compel Congress to get serious about addressing America’s gun-violence problem.It begins with a gruesome on-screen leg break and only gets worse from there. That’s something of a compliment, but it’s also a warning: Do not approach the theater unless you’re prepared for a film that swerves towards the lurid and shocking at every chance it gets.This is a secret-agent story in which the secret agent angrily complains that she got sent to “whore school” by her government, one that tries to flesh out the undercurrent of misogynistic coercion inherent in so many of these narratives.Not only did Communications Director Hope Hicks announce her departure on Wednesday, ending her run as President Trump’s longest-tenured staffer, but a series of reports have suggested a number of other top-ranking officials might be clearing out their offices and desks soon. One could be forgiven for treating these reports with some skepticism.Those rumored to be considering exits include Jared Kushner, John Kelly, H. Every one of them has been the subject of similar speculation in the past—which could indicate just how long the final departure has been coming, or could suggest the reports not be taken seriously.Many customers who kept shopping in Greenfield’s downtown because Walmart was too far away are now turning to Amazon and other websites that offer free and fast shipping for basic needs, sapping business away from local stores that had survived for so long.Facing competition from a company as enormous as Amazon, some local stores are having trouble staying open.And that new version was tens of millions of dollars worse for Delta. Sure, Francis Lawrence’s new film, starring Jennifer Lawrence, is a tale of espionage, of false identities, and of competing American and Russian interests.But it’s set in the modern day, its main character blows her cover almost immediately upon beginning her mission, and the movie is a 140-minute epic of misery and violence.


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