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It's also the quasi-secret front for Green Russell, a speakeasy that is slightly overpriced but known for serving bizarre cocktails.Even if you're not looking for a drink, you have to be inside this place at least once in your life.After, we share a slice of tart, creamy key lime pie. If it's really late, cross the street for a slice at Pie Hole and a nightcap and some Golden Tee at Badger's.This date is loud (in a good way) and occasionally dirty (also in a good way), but you will not get more taste (in both food and music) per dollar anywhere in the city.With high pressure and endless options, a date can be a burden before it even begins. With some friendly crowd-sourcing, crafting that ideal night out on the town doesn’t have to be daunting.

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Time: 4-6 hours Cost per person: " John Wenzel, Entertainment Reporter Dates are all about setting the right mood, which means aesthetics and intimacy are crucial.If she hasn't left at this point, congrats: This one's a keeper.Time: 6 hours Cost per person: " Barbara Ellis, Features Editor He makes the reservation at my favorite restaurant, 240 Union in Lakewood, without asking where I want to go to dinner or at what time -- 'cause he would just know.Ask the bartender to make a drink for her based on her favorite things: watermelon, unicorns and heavy metal.Cheers your drinks, and do that thing where you intertwine arms before you sip.Then, once you slurp up the last bite, ride your fixies on over to El Five for dessert and woo them with the sexiest rooftop patio view of the city.Finally, close it down in Five Points with some Montucky Cold Snacks at 715 Club.After hitting all the rides, take a photo in your prom clothes in front of a bunch of snickering teenagers to show your date that you don't care who in the world knows that you love her; post it on Instagram, tagging her ex-boyfriend.Finally, finish off at a fancy cocktail bar, like Hudson Hill.The American Paintball Coliseum is oodles of fun and, while still in Denver proper, it's a bit out of the way, so it's usually not crowded, especially on a weeknight.Afterward, head back downtown and skip dinner; instead, go straight to dessert. and is the perfect late-night spot to get a truly gourmet slice.


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