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This interval included a storm that brought over 10” of snow and blizzard conditions to coastal counties.Next was a heavy rain event accompanied by much warmer air, then later in the month, several scattered rain and snow episodes interspersed with dry conditions and some 60° warmth.The 60.7° average was 6.2° above the 1981–2010 normal, trailing the 2007 record by 1.4°, but 0.9° above the now third mildest October in 1971.The month ended with a large portion of the state yet to be visited by...Through January, this snow season has brought an average of 17.0” ( 4.1”) to New Jersey, with the north at 16.6” (-0.8”), central 14.7” ( 0.3”), and south 17.0” ( 4.1”).

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The one largely absent factor was precipitation, which resulted in the 10th driest December across NJ since records were established in 1895. Even in a rather tranquil month, there are always interesting aspects of New Jersey’s weather and climate that can make for memorable situations. On the heels of a mild October and first week of November came one of the coldest early-season blasts on record on the 11th.We've fully rebuilt our charting to provide a rich, interactive experience.By leveraging the robust High Charts library, this new incarnation of NJWx Net charting and graphing not only allows you to interact with the data presented, but provides easy export of PDF and SVG, easy printing and more.To explore our new and improved charting tool, head to the Chart Viewer.The NJ Weather and Climate Network partners with the NJ Division of the US Forest Service to help bolster fire safety in the NJ Pine Barrens and other forested regions throughout the state of NJ.Just minutes from New Jersey beaches, shopping, and businesses, our Monmouth County hotel is near the Garden State Parkway.Every stay at our boutique-style hotel starts with our warm Double Tree chocolate chip cookie.With this amount of data, we can perform a multitude of analyses on different variables, such as daily maximum or minimum temperature.In this brief report, we examine seasonal maximum minimum temperature (that is, the highest daily minimum temperature in a...Then the 19th saw some of the strongest winds of the year across the state.Overall, dry conditions by month’s end put the northern Highlands in the D0 (abnormally dry) category on the US Drought Monitor map, threatening to expand further into the state should dry conditions...


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