9 year old writes book on dating

Dear David, I hope you are having a very merry xmas. Be happy.' So, have a brilliant Xmas, a happy new year and a wonderful life - I'm sure you will. 'Peter Capaldi wrote to say that despite the regeneration the Doctor would never be really gone. 'I think it started when I met Christopher Ecclestone around Halloween when he was filming in Belfast,' he said.

'I bumped into him and mentioned that my kids loved Doctor Who.

It also provides advice on housing, benefits, and health to around 100 people a day at its a resource centre in Victoria.

Nichola Wilson, relationship manager at the charity, says “everyone’s hearts melted in the office” when Amelia’s family contacted them with her story.

Capaldi also explained how regenerating 'can be a little bit icky' - but has 'always, always turned out good for Dr Who.' Sharing the sweet letter on Twitter, Brian explained: '#Peter Capaldi is my 9 year old son's fav #Doctor Who and he was dreading his regeneration.

“She was really troubled by the fact there was nothing she could do because she doesn’t have much power as a child, so that’s where it came from.” Her parents suspected she might not follow through with the idea, but their daughter was soon reaching for her paper and crayons to write an illustrated story about two dragons that went on holiday to the rainforest (a subject she chose, she says, because “in most books there’s no dragons”).

“I wanted to help the homeless because they have nothing at all,” she told The UK Independent.

“I wrote a story because I wanted to make more money than my pocket money.” After her parents set up a crowdfunding page for further donations, Amelia has raised £1,200 (€1,352) so far.

Such a kind man.' Other social media users were quick to comment on the letter, describing the letter as 'wonderful'. The new Doctor always becomes your favourite and the one that goes...

Many noted that the letter was dated November 23 1963, the day the first ever Doctor Who episode aired on TV. well, he never really goes, he is always there, somewhere in time and space, and if you think about him hard enough you'll see him, and he'll see you.


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