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Access 2016 multiple users updating database

As a security principal, permissions can be granted to users. To connect to a specific database on the instance of SQL Server, a login must be mapped to a database user.Permissions inside the database are granted and denied to the database user, not the login.For more information on the upcoming change, we invite you to read our blog post.When you store critical business information in an Excel worksheet, you may at times need to allow more than one person to edit the data simultaneously.This is an excellent choice when you want to be able to easily move your database between instances of SQL Server.To use this option on SQL Server 2016, an administrator must first enable contained databases for the SQL Server, and the database be enabled for containment.First ask yourself, does the person or group that needs to access the database have a login?Logins in the master database are common for the people who manage the SQL Server and for people who need to access many or all of the database on the instance of SQL Server.

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For more information, see Contained Database Users - Making Your Database Portable. When connecting as a contained database user you must provide the name of the database as part of the connection string.

To specify the database in Management Studio, in the Connect to dialog box, click Options, and then click the Connection Properties tab.

For more information about contained database users, see CREATE USER (Transact-SQL).

If the guest user in a database is enabled, a login that is not mapped to a database user can enter the database as the guest user.


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