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Ninohe is the second to last stop on the Tohoku Shinkansen, before Hachinohe.

The train offers daily service to both Hachinohe and Tokyo. Ninohe Station Shinaksen Timetable (In Japanese) While the shinkansen is convienent, it is rather expensive.

The closest interchange to downtown Ninohe is the Ichinohe I. However, since its absorbtion of Joboji Village in 2006, Ninohe now has its own interchange- though far from the core area of the city.

The expressway is a reasonably fast way of getting out of Ninohe, though expensive.

Ninohe station is the primary terminus for buses in the area.

Ninohe station is on both the Iwate-Ginza railway (IGR) line, as well as the Tohoku Shinkansen.

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Two working for the city, and one provided by the prefectural government.

The current situation, has only two ALT's teaching at all 15 Ninohe schools.


  1. Accommodation may refer to A dwelling; A place of temporary lodging; The technique of adaptation to local cultures that the Jesuits used in their missions to spread Christianity among non-Christian peoples. Reasonable accommodation, a legal doctrine protecting religious minorities or people with disabilities.

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