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Adolesence and dating violence and canada

Here, as youth develop in their social context, they often are thought to experience what we subsequently refer to as a “rites of passage” in ways that create either a positive or negative orientation to their navigation through adolescence to adulthood.

Abstract The literature on rites of passage in adolescence is reviewed, with particular attention given to the essential components for positive developmental outcomes.

Given the significance for understanding how rites of passage may help youth move successfully from adolescence to adulthood, a model is needed to help guide positive youth development efforts of educators and youth workers.

Theoretical orientations that contribute to such model building are presented first, followed by our rites of passage model.

In other words, rites of passage events must be significant for adolescents not only as experiences, but having special meaning, emotion, and understanding.

A model is introduced that highlights the potentially positive and negative roles that rites of passage can play in the transition to adulthood.


  1. Introduction to Problems in Adolescents. By. Linked to Dating Violence. More News. as the Merck Manual in the US and Canada and the MSD Manual in.

  2. Adolescent females under Child Protective Services care in Quebec, Canada. childhood sexual abuse and four forms of dating violence.

  3. In this article, we review theoretical and empirical advances in research on romantic relationships between age 10 and the early twenties. First, we describe key.

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