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In Adults, DCRC promotes the following protective factors through assessment and strategies: DCRC’s Adult Resilience Initiative emerged in response to the growing understanding and appreciation that promoting children’s resilience depends significantly on the resilience of the adults caring for them.DCRC’s Adult Resilience Initiative focuses on promoting the health and well-being of all adults who parent, nurture and/or work with young children.Since everyone faces adversity at some point in life, DCRC’s mission is to promote protective factors and strengthen resilience for children and the adults who support them.Promoting resilience involves reducing risk factors and strengthening protective factors at the environmental, familial and within-levels.Leisure time computer gaming was a prospective risk factor for overweight in women even after adjusting for demographic and lifestyle factors, but not in men.There were no clear prospective associations between computer use for emailing/chatting and overweight in either sex. Weight has increased in all age groups, but the increase has been largest among those under 50.A cohort of Swedish young adults aged 20–24 years was recruited in 2007.

The study was approved by the Regional Ethics Review Board in Gothenburg, Sweden (Registry numbers 191–05 and 876–11).The aim was to examine leisure time computer use for gaming, and for emailing/chatting, in relation to overweight development in young adults. Exposure variables were average daily time spent on leisure time computer gaming and emailing/chatting.Logistic regression was performed for cross-sectional analyses with overweight (BMI ≥ 25) and obesity (BMI ≥ 30) as the outcomes, and for prospective analyses with new cases of overweight at the 1- and 5-year follow-ups.Change in BMI from baseline to 5 year-follow-up was analyzed with linear regression.There were cross-sectional and prospective associations between computer gaming and overweight (BMI ≥ 25) in women, after adjusting for age, occupation, physical activity, sleep, social support, and total computer use.We believe that resilient adults can be wonderful role models to support resilience in the children who’s lives they touch!At USAA, we use cookies to protect your privacy and optimize your experience while conducting business on There seem to be relatively few studies on the effects of computer use in adult populations.A systematic review of factors associated with sedentary behaviors [] showed some evidence that screen time, mainly television viewing is related to BMI, even in adults.For the men, only cross-sectional associations could be seen.Spending more than 2 h daily for emailing and chatting was related cross-sectionally to overweight in the women.


  1. Devereux's adult resilience resources foster protective factors and resilience in parents and adults who work with children. Find out more today. ourselves and our lives and how effective we think we are at taking action. Relationships The mutual, long-lasting, back-and-forth bond we have with another person in our lives.

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