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Rearz, a Canadian-based supplier of adult diapers with cutesy patterns and other adult baby accessories, like pacifiers, told Buzz Feed News, “we had no malicious or strange intentions in trying to register it, but obviously it struck a nerve with people.

This is a community we love and serve, and we don't want to make people feel less valuable.”Adult babies/diaper lovers are, as their name suggests, adults who enjoy role-playing as babies or simply wearing diapers.

A company that makes diapers for the adult baby/diaper lover fetish community (known as ABDL) gave up on its attempt to trademark the term “ABDL” on Thursday after message boards for the community exploded in anger last week.’ Already starting to sound like a kinky porn video right?!The game is called ‘Quiz Illeonaire’ and is a new project in Chakku Orosete~ya, the makers of the infamous Hand Job Karaoke game.Not to mention, it shows a trend in how graphic late night shows are becoming.The theme of this show is literally ‘What can you fit inside your fanny?Facebook user 'Afina' posed as Ms Ireland and posted the photo to Facebook with an invitation for other pregnant women to post their own photos.The photo was used as part of a bid to lure women into sending their pictures to a pregnancy fetish website, the Australian Multiple Birth Association said The Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) sounded the alarm after discovering a profile named 'Afina' was collecting images of women from mother's group pages in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.Rearz filed to trademark “ABDL” in October 2017, but it was only this week that someone in the community noticed. In another thread, angry ABDL redditors planned to ruin Rearz’s standing on Facebook by rating it one star on its business page.At this discovery, the /r/ABDL subreddit filled with angry threads about Rearz’s trademark filings. On a forum for adult babies called ADISC.org, one adult baby said, “Rearz is now off my shopping list.” People even made memes about the scandal.We have ads and accounts permanently blocked on Facebook, e Bay, Kijiji, Google ads with payment processors and more simply from using the term.”Laurie said that, starting about two years ago, e Bay, which had previously accounted for about 20% of her company’s business, started taking down items because it classified them as “adult content.” Sometimes Rearz’s listings for items like adult diapers and adult-size baby clothes would be allowed to stay up, but certain keywords would get the stuff delisted.e Bay does allow adult items to be sold, but its policy isn’t specific about ABDL items.


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