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Adult chat centre

The live chat facility is available during our office opening hours.

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Our free adult chat room is for anyone over the age of 18.

An adult day program is designed to meet the needs of chronically ill and impaired adults (ages 18 and older) who live in the community.

Socialization, assistance with personal care, and a wide variety of activities help the individuals who attend our adult day program maintain their independence and promote feelings of self-worth.

Some may say they are all kid-friendly, educational establishments. Mac Millan Space Centre is one of the most recent additions to the adult-only evening events, and will be hosting an after hours experience at their venue on Thursday, October 13th for On October 13, you’re invited to explore the H. Mac Millan Space Centre after hours for drinks, games, and a chance to experience a planetarium show about Alien World’s and a lecture about Juno’s mission to Jupiter and Europa.

You can see both the planetarium and the lecture, or simply wander around the gallery with a drink and play some games. It’s worth it just to see the giant crab in front of the building.


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