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(And before you ask, no, it wasn’t ever in our budget to shoot an 11-minute live-action music video.) Anyway, if we were doing the video in live action, I would almost certainly be playing a character, not “Weird Al” – and therefore I instructed Doug to give the guy a more generic hairstyle. Right – of course, that’s Donny Osmond dancing behind me (playing “Krayzie Bone” to My “Chamillionaire”)…

Seth Green is the guy obsessed with action figures (he’s basically playing himself)…

You may notice that I also mentioned T Pain in the “special thanks” – similarly, he had given his blessing for me to do a parody of one of his songs.

At the last minute, I decided against recording the song for the album, but if you come to one of my live shows this summer, you may hear a snippet of it somewhere in the medley…

As you probably know by now, the Academy-Award nominated animator Bill Plympton did the video for “Don’t Download This Song”…

he’s a true icon in the world of animation, and he’s done several animated feature films (including “The Tune,” “I Married A Strange Person,” “Mutant Aliens” and the soon-to-be-released “Hair High”) as well as the latest Kanye West video.

Susan M of Tallahassee, FL asks: How come the Dual Disc doesn’t contain the video for “White & Nerdy”?

It’s a fantastic disc, a fantastic song, and a fantastic video; I just don’t understand why there are lots of other (great) videos but not that one.

But my note to him was that the video should not be too “cartoony” – it should be more or less an animated version of what the video would have looked like if we had shot it in live action.

) we invite you to use your browser’s “find” feature to search the Q&A’s for specific keywords for the topics you’re interested in.

You could also read the entire Archive, in which case you get an A for effort!

and of course there are the 18 My Space friends that I cast as extras.

Howard & Cindy Wilson of Hamilton, Ontario asks: On the back page of the CD insert, you mention Nickelback in the credits. We ourselves are not beer-swilling hockey nuts, but we do know several, eh.


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  3. Phone, 330 772-2683 · Address. 7651 Stateline Rd; Orangeville, Ohio 44404.

  4. Cortland Lanes is located in Cortland, Ohio and we are celebrating our 53rd year in business.

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