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Twin studies have been limited by relatively small sample sizes but have indicated a substantial genetic contribution, as well as environmental influence.

For bipolar disorder type I, the rate at which identical twins (same genes) will both have bipolar disorder type I (concordance) is estimated at around 40 percent, compared to about 5 percent in fraternal twins.

Even when family and friends recognize mood swings, the individual will often deny that anything is wrong.

Symptoms of the depressive phase of bipolar disorder include persistent feelings of sadness, irritability or anger, loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, excessive or inappropriate guilt, hopelessness, sleeping too much or not enough, changes in appetite and/or weight, fatigue, problems concentrating, self-loathing or feelings of worthlessness, and thoughts of death or suicide.

There were also back pages of local weekly newspapers like the San Francisco Metro, where I’d squint at small panel ads and take some guesses before trying the number.

The condition is divided into bipolar I disorder if there has been at least one manic episode, with or without depressive episodes, and bipolar II disorder if there has been at least one hypomanic episode (but no manic episodes) and one major depressive episode.

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Of the 16 genes identified in these pathways, three were found to be dysregulated in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex portion of the brain in post-mortem studies, CACNA1C, GNG2, and ITPR2.We are the country's leading Adventure, Social, Leisure Club for adults.With over 12,000 members nationwide, you can increase your social circle and wave boredom goodbye!PEACE ONLYPEACEPEACEMANHello ladies, November 2017 I've just joined this site and I'm seeking a lady friend to e-mail, chat to and hopefully meet.But life goes on and and I so miss female company so I hope that won't be held against me .A combination of bipolar I, II, and cyclothymia similarly produced rates of 42 percent and 11 percent (identical and fraternal twins, respectively), with a relatively lower ratio for bipolar II that likely reflects heterogeneity.There is overlap with major (unipolar) depression and if this is also counted in the co-twin the concordance with bipolar disorder rises to 67 percent in identical twins and 19 percent in fraternal twins.In surveys, 30–50 percent of adults diagnosed with bipolar disorder report traumatic/abusive experiences in childhood, which is associated on average with earlier onset, a higher rate of suicide attempts, and more co-occurring disorders such as PTSD.The number of reported stressful events in childhood is higher in those with an adult diagnosis of bipolar spectrum disorder compared to those without, particularly events stemming from a harsh environment rather than from the child's own behavior.Hypomania may feel good to some persons who experience it, though most people who experience hypomania state that the stress of the experience is very painful.Bipolar people who experience hypomania, however, tend to forget the effects of their actions on those around them.


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