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Hundreds of readers were keen to share their special recipes for stemming the tide of time, too.From age 40 to 97, they wrote and emailed us their amazing pictures .Every morning and evening, I apply a serum, moisturiser and eyecream that cost upwards of £50 each to my face.The routine, with Estee Lauder products, sets me back around £300 every year.While 45 per cent of women share my skin type, I’ll bet not many of them appreciate how the greasy skin they rail against in their youth actually works as an inbuilt moisturiser, keeping the skin supple as they age.I, too, suffered from terrible acne as an adolescent and was taunted. It was only when I hit my late 30s that I realised I was having some very welcome compensation — I just wasn’t getting the lines my friends were.

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Therefore all extinct land animals had representatives aboard the ark. Other animals are strict carnivores, and some of those specialize on certain kinds of foods, such as small mammals, insects, fish, or aquatic invertebrates. Many snakes, for example, will eat only live foods (or at least warm and moving). Most spiders locate their prey by the vibrations it produces. As shown in section 5, all the mechanisms proposed for causing the Flood already provide more than enough energy to vaporize it as well.

My face — au naturel — has an unattractive sheen that takes painstaking make-up application to disguise.

But I no longer resent the time it takes me, because my oily skin has stopped me getting wrinkles.

It's entirely possible that a global flood occurred 4000 years ago or even last Thursday, and that God subsequently erased all the evidence, including our memories of it. Abrupt increase in Greenland snow accumulation at the end of the Younger Dryas event. And yet despite this, the chemical properties of the rock are neatly layered, with great changes (e.g.) in percent carbonate occurring within a few centimeters in the vertical direction. Palaeogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology 132: 5-23.

Some creationists provided even more detailed models, and these are also addressed (see especially sections 5 and 7). Second, the whole story can be dismissed as a series of supernatural miracles. However, one must wonder about a God who reportedly does one thing and then arranges every bit of evidence to make it look like something else happened. Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, 103 (1-2): 67-71. If we grant 400 days for this to settle, and ignore possible compaction since the Flood, we still have 15 meters of sediment settling per day. Extraterrestrial impact events: the record in the rocks and the stratigraphic record.


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