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Additionally, on any given individual song, one member or another of R.

is one of the biggest beneficiaries of this generational progression. I can’t even remember them.” Over their lengthy career, the sound of R. Musically, Peter Buck most often writes the melodies, but, increasingly as time passes, that role is divided more equally between Buck and Mike Mills.

songs as “minor key, mid-tempo, enigmatic, semi-folk rock balladish things. A follow-up EP, ‘Chronic Town’, is recorded with Mitch Easter in October 1981.

plan to release this effort on a different independent record label, Dasht Hopes, but it comes out instead on I.

are directly expressing romantic sentiments for the first time.

They sign with a major label, Warner Brothers, but only after securing an ‘assurance of total creative freedom.’ ‘Green’ (1988) (US no.

In tandem with the album’s tile, ‘Murmur’, it is emblematic of the band’s sound at the time: Michael Stipe’s vocals sounding (purposefully) smothered, only escaping as a barely heard noise. ‘Talk About The Passion’ features more typical chiming guitars as Stipe sings of, “Empty breath / Empty mouths / Talk about the passion / Not everyone can carry the weight of the world.” ‘Murmur’ is critically acclaimed so it may have achieved Peter Buck’s stated aim: “We wanted to have this kind of timeless record.” ‘Reckoning’ (1984) (US no. 91) is again co-produced by Mitch Easter and Don Dixon. As for why Michael Stipe is continually singing “I’m sorry” in the refrain, the song ‘is ostensibly a straight narrative about severe flooding in Athens, with the phone lines down and R. Showering ringing guitar notes, ‘Pretty Persuasion’ finds Michael Stipe in energetic form, singing, “She’s got pretty persuasion / Goddamn your confusion.” ‘Reckoning’ is said to be ‘harder-edged and more song-orientated’ than the group’s debut album. The album’s title seems ‘a pointed reference to the reconstruction of the defeated South by the North after the American Civil War.’ The reflective ‘Green Grow The Rushes’ is an early example of R. M.’s social conscience and environmental activism: “Stay off that highway / Word is it’s not so safe / The grasses that hide the greenback / The amber waves of gain again.” The bracing charge of ‘Can’t Get There From Here’ (US no. One of the changes here is that Gehman encourages Michael Stipe to make his vocals more prominent and clear. The album’s title is derived from the comedy film ‘A Shot in the Dark’ (1964) starring Peter Sellers. In the movie, Inspector Clouseau (Sellers) brushes off mishaps as all part of life’s rich pageant, so R. Anyone hoping for an insight into Michael Stipe from a song titled ‘I Believe’ probably goes away disappointed from such wacky sentiments as, “I believe in coyotes / And time as an abstract.” ‘Dead Letter Office’ (1987) (U. Michael Stipe is romantically linked in the press with the likes of Jane Pratt, Natalie Merchant (vocalist of alt rock band 10,000 Maniacs) and actress Christina Ricci. Michael Stipe comes up with the name ‘Document’ for this album because it documents the most recent year in the band’s life and the world around them.

That’s what everyone thinks and, to a certain degree, that’s true.” The other chief characteristic of the band’s earliest work is Michael Stipe mumbling through the lyrics. “Hello, I saw you / I know you, I knew you / I think I can remember your name” – ‘Pop Song ‘89’ (Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe) During sleep, the stage in which dreams take place is characterised by rapid eye movement – or R. Beneath the eyelids, the eyeballs seem to move about, taking in some internal projection of images that are vaguely recalled as dreams after consciousness returns. “[I didn’t talk about it] with the press, because I thought it was a privacy issue…” As a teenager, Michael Stipe took an interest in punk rock acts like Patti Smith, Television, and Wire. The two boys begin playing music together as teenagers. Michael Stipe and Peter Buck shared a common interest in punk rock. Pale and serious young men deploying portable synthesiser keyboards are the vogue of the day. Alternative rock is sometimes called college rock because its largest audience is amongst U. They have little interest in courting mass appeal, seeking only to earn sufficient funds to allow them to continue. (the band) begins with John Michael Stipe, born 4 January 1960 in Decatur, Georgia, U. Michael Stipe attends Collinsville High School in Illinois from which he graduates in 1978. Michael attends the University of Georgia, studying painting and photography. “[My sexuality] was locked in early on,” he asserts. At the Mount de Sales Academy in Macon, Berry meets Mike Mills. The single is issued on the independent Hib-Tone label. Punk is superseded by new wave, the style identified with fellow Athens, Georgia, act, The B-52s. Some describe the subsequent music emerging as ‘post punk.’ However, in the early 1980s what seems to be the dominant genre is synth-pop. is most commonly described as an alternative rock (or alt rock) act. The alt rockers are happy amateurs doing it for love instead of money. does become very famous and very commercially successful – but very few accuse them of ‘selling out.’ R. (International Record Syndicate – though its resemblance to Internal Revenue Service [the U. M.’s increasing profile, but still remains more dedicated to the offbeat than, say, RCA Records, another rival suitor for R. ]” line seems to be the biggest hints beyond the title. Peter Buck is less certain: “I still don’t know what the f*** it’s about.” Its military motif and “We are agents of the free [world? The title points to both the band’s novice status on the new label and their environmental concerns. It’s this classic mix of great melody and a puzzling lyric that makes this the definitive R.


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