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I love fortune cookies and refuse to try foie gras.” What does it mean to be you?isn’t quite a self-help book — it’s more of a memoir of a year of research into self-help — but even without quizzes and action lists, it does the job of any good personal improvement book: It inspires.• As a kid, and even through our 20s, we had clear opportunities for “gold stars” — getting good grades, graduations, awards, new jobs, marriage, big birthday celebrations etc.But in your 30s, those gold stars seem fewer and farther between.If you want him to buy you perfume on Sunday, I’d recommend printing out a detailed description online. It’s a free download (but they suggest a donation) and when you run it, it shuts down your internet access for whatever period of time you set — up to 8 hours.During that time, the program appears to be unresponsive…Which way do you show love–and which way does your significant-other receive it?Here’s to a great day of love, chocolate and cheesy movies!

If that’s you, start a Happiness Project of your own and raise the happy in your household considerably.Check out my analysis of the Pew report on the Huffington Post today.Posted by cbwhelan | Academic Musings, Marry Smart: The Intelligent Woman's Guide to True Love, Relationship Tips | education, husband, income, new economics of marriage, new york times, Pew, smart women, wife | 3 Comments and gave me new energy to start 2010 off on an upbeat note.Check it out and learn how red hearts can make you see more green this Valentine’s Day…it’s part of a larger package on love and money, with other interesting articles, including •10 Ways to Stop Fighting About Money • Love and Money: He Spends, She Saves, They Fight • Money Tips for Gay Couples Posted by cbwhelan | Academic Musings, Marry Smart: The Intelligent Woman's Guide to True Love, Relationship Tips | all you need is love, CBS, fighting, fights, gay couple, green, love, marriage, money, red, saving, spending, valentine's day | 2 Comments A rather silly “study” emerged from England this week: According to a survey of some 2000 respondents, many men struggle to remember their partner’s date of birth, let alone what their favorite scent can’t undo it without shutting down the whole computer.For the last few weeks, I’ve been haunting coffee shops where there’s no free wireless (like Starbucks–it’s only a few $$, but it’s the principle of it that keeps me offline) but overhearing girls dishing about relationship sagas, or groups of yoga types fresh off a “really zen session” always had me irritated and distracted.Mind you, this study was conducted by The Perfume Shop, a chain of perfumeries throughout the UK — and they are probably just trying to guilt guys into ponying up for more sweet-smelling sprays for Valentine’s Day.But they came across my mate-preferences research and in yesterday’s UKNet Guide, I’m used as the foil to the argument that forgetful guys aren’t serious about love. Ladies, in my expert opinion, it’s OK if your man has no idea what scent you wear. A new writer friend, Siobhan Vivian, just introduced me to the coolest program ever: Mac Freedom.With Mac Freedom, I just got a book review written in the peace and quiet of my office, in two hours–the time I set Mac Freedom to keep me offline.I left blanks where I needed to do web searches to fill in information, and, like a drug addict unable to get her next hit, I opened my browser occasionally, “just to see if I could get back online yet” …


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