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You need to have an upgraded membership that will cost you, it's not free!

Something to be aware of is that when you create a profile on Snap Bang your profile will be shared on other hookup sites that are old by the corporation that operates many sex dating sites including Fuck Date.com, XFling.com, Send Nudez.com, 420Bang.me, Fuck and Swinger

( A screenshot of the site telling us they're committed to authenticity, they don't create fake accounts etc..) We mentioned above that the website tells us that they don't create fake accounts but within minutes of logging into the website we found numerous pretend profiles using stolen profile photos of amateur porn stars.

You can take a look at the 4 screenshots below that proves we're not lying.

We found many bogus profiles on the site that we have exposed and taken screenshots of.

You can take a look at the evidence further below in this investigation where we show you many fictitious profiles that are actually amateur porn stars.

We're not stating that the website is behind creating these pretend profiles (we don't know if they're creating artificial profiles or not).

The fact remains that there are tons of phoney profile pages on this site that are using photos of amateur porn stars, they're not legit female members.

We've seen this tactic time and time again, dating sites using computer bots to send automated messages to people who register on their dating site.We don't know who's behind the fake pseudo profiles but it honestly doesn't even matter.The fact that there are faux member profiles on the site and the website tells us that they have a team dedicated to stopping the creation of phony profiles tells us they are not doing their job.This took us only a few minutes to find these profiles and there are many more.The reason we don't have more screenshots is that it would be very time-consuming to add all of them into this investigation.This is where all their dirty little secrets are hidden.And our investigation of Snap the only thing that we found was that the site uses automated messages that they send to their members.On that page the site said they are "committed to authenticity".They stated that "we don't create fake accounts".0 out of the 13 steps to complete a profile have not been done. It has no photographs and not much personal information.As you will see when you finish reading the rest of the review that it still didn't matter. Why would women send messages to an empty profile page? (Screenshot of the blank profile we used for this investigation.) According to their own terms and conditions page (look under "While You Where Away") the site uses automated messages and a response program they call "While You Where Away".


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