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Advanced book by dating dor guest livre powered

If you don’t want to use WP-Spam Shield’s protection for Gwolle Guestbook, then all you need to do is disable Anti-Spam for Miscellaneous Forms in WP-Spam Shield settings.The CAPTCHA uses the one provided by the Really Simple Captcha plugin. If it still doesn’t show, it could be that the plugin has no write permission in the ‘/tmp’ folder of the Really Simple Captcha plugin. There is no need to use id’s that are incrementing.Don’t use your ‘comment’ section the wrong way – install Gwolle Guestbook and have a real guestbook. and all that integrated in the stylish Word Press look. That’s great, because Gwolle Guestbook enables you to import entries easily. You can start translating strings there for your locale.

When you have moderation disabled, Gwolle Guestbook will try to refresh the cache.

As long as you saved an empty option, or it is still not-saved, then it will show the translated text from your MO file.

Also, you will want to use the book_id parameter of the shortcode for multiple guestbook.

Gwolle Guestbook is the Word Press guestbook you’ve just been looking for. Gwolle Guestbook is not just another guestbook for Word Press.

The goal is to provide an easy and slim way to integrate a guestbook into your Word Press powered site. Translations can be added very easily through Glot Press.


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