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Adverse selection dating

Therefore, we should be getting less picky as we get older. I feel like I’m getting more picky., which is technically a branch of game theory. You can describe all of your best qualities in your profile, but how does the reader know that you are telling the truth? When I say I am 5’8” I mean that is my honest height, with my shoes and socks off.

This is made worse by the fact that many people lie about qualities such as age, height, and income, and the reader might assume you are lying too, even if you are telling the truth. Actually, I’m 5’8½”, but I don’t want to create a false impression by rounding up.

One might have success on a discriminating dating site like this in a densely populated area such as New York City. His conclusion was that it’s better to choose the big pond.

And let go of what you think are important criteria, like being a fellow vegetarian.

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Some of the sites ask the question, “What was the last book you read?

OK, now that we’ve established that for all practical purposes it’s impossible to find your soulmate, you’ll have to settle for the best you can do, which is to find the best one available, given the limited amount of time and effort you can reasonably expend in the search.

The key is knowing when to stop, when you’ve found “the one who is good enough”. Every minute spent looking for a potential partner is time that might otherwise be spent doing something enjoyable or useful, such as reading a good book, socializing with friends, or, in the author’s case, writing this book.

It is estimated that five percent of the population is vegetarian.

Limiting oneself to a vegetarian partner rules out 95% of possible matches.


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  3. Dec 09, 2010 Adverse selection. the employment decision is to be made, because it is somewhat similar to getting married after a few weeks of online dating.

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  5. Adverse selection is a concept in economics, insurance, and risk management, which describes a situation where market participation is affected by asymmetric information.

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