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Advice on dating a separated married man meeting millionaires dating site review

There was never any chance of reconciliation and I would never in a million years have returned to my ex.

The marriage was over all but legally and we lived the opposite side of the country and we had no children.

I ended up trying to live up to everything she was, cos he just kept on talking about her, how she dressed, how she had her hair.

Crazy now I look back, we ended up breaking up and they got back together again, I don't blame him for anything at all though, I didnt want to stand in the way of someone's marriage so I bowed out gracefully!

It turned out that he was not quite as "separated" from his wife as he had led her to believe.

He and his wife seemed to be leading a rather complicated life - perhaps they enjoyed the drama.

It can take a while for a divorce to come through so yes i fact when my boyfriend and i started seeing each other my divorce hadent actualy come through so i was technicaly still married but very much everyone files for divorce straight away when they split up for various reasons.

My sister and her ex have been split for over 7 years and they still arent actualy divorced though thats taking it to the extreme ha yes i have done twice, and i even got to speak to his wife as she had popped round to drop the children off and the second one I actually met the wife.

he not only broke my heart but my kids hearts aswell, they've lost 2 father figures in their little short lives and its not fair on them if I do it all over again or fair on me...don't see the point in being with anyone if they're just going to make you false promises and end up ripping out your heart and soul when they make you fall for them, even knowing how hurt you've been before.

However, as much as that made her feel like he was really into her, for the following four or five months he was telling me he'd made a mistake and wanted to come back - only staying with the new girl because he can't bear being alone.

Not fair on either me or the new girl so.....sketchy area indeed in my experience.

My brother in- law worked with someone who was separated for two months and had two kids.

We went on a blind date and have been together 9 years, married 6 and have a darling 2 year old!


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