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After school webcam

When you or your teacher cancel your course or when your teacher is absent for the course, we will credit your account by 1 course credit.If you wish to keep the same time slot for your course, we encourage you to get the 5 or 10 course credit package.If you are certain to keep the same time-slot for several months, or during the whole year, please make that request using our contact form.January 7, 2018: We're installing a brand new webcam looking east over Hart & Rendezvous Bays on the south shore of St. Enjoy, and keep an eye out, it's going to get better over the next few days! We end the year being very thankful for the beauty of St John and the people who love it.After purchase, you will get 5 or 10 credits to use when you book your lessons.You might as well sometimes receive course credit, i.e: after a course cancellation.The good news is that both airlines agreed to add flights: Nov 22 update: Big news today announced by the National Park Service -- they have officially reopened the Virgin Islands National Parks!Nov 17 update: Score another one for the St John environment!

Rather green debris will be composed: Nov 14 update: Yelena Rogers, one of St John's wonderful wedding photographers, spent yesterday at Hawksnest & Honeymoon beaches and reports that the National Park has done a fabulous job of cleaning debris and repairing the buildings and has officially 'reopened' both areas.→ Book one or multiple courses on your teachers’ calendar (see how do I book a lesson).→ Go to the cart page before checkout and click on your credit to apply it. It features the different types of harps and gives information on purchasing or renting a harp.They will also be glad to advise you in case you want or need to change your instrument. The 30 minutes course format will be more appropriate for the younger ones. When a technical issue is preventing the course to be transmitted properly, that lesson will not be considered completed.Teachers will adjust the courses according to their tastes and so that the motivation stays high! Everyone evolves at their own pace and according to the goals set with the teacher. We will credit your account by 1 credit for you to be able to book your lesson again. Important Note: When you or the teacher are facing a technical issue during the lesson, the teacher or yourself are invited to contact the appropriate service to fix the issue ASAP (Internet Service Provider, computer repair technician, etc.).Then book all your lessons at once, which will hold your time-slot for several weeks/months.Once your course credit has expired, we invite you to implement the same procedure and book your lessons again.Dec 13 update: Maho Bay beach, the very popular National Park beach, is now officially open! Yet another airline announced this week that they have scheduled new flights into St Thomas (STT) airport. Lineman from the states and WAPA (USVI) are at work a mile away from Great Expectations installing new utility poles and wiring! Doesn't this photo of WAPA line workers look like an enticing 'Christmas Tree': Nov 27 update: Our wonderful linemen worked every day -- including Thanksgiving day -- through the 'holiday' weekend bringing lights and power to more St John homes and businesses.Starting February, Spirit Airlines will be flying several flights a week. According to the Virgin Islands Consortium, the USVI Director of Tourism held several meetings over the holiday weekend with executives of Jet Blue and Delta airlines urging them to add more flights to St Croix and St Thomas now that the islands are 'back in business'.Steve Butcher, our webmaster extraordinaire, just installed the Soggy webcam today just in time for all of us to partake in their famous New Eve party (which tends to start early and last well into the new year): Dec 21 update: Today is the Winter Solstice marking the first day of winter so it is apt that the VI National Park announced (again) that all their trails, roads, and beaches are totally open and awaiting visitors.The VI Consortium reported: Virgin Islands National Park is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in America and is a major economic contributor to the Island’s economy, which is why it will be an important part of rebuilding after this devastating hurricane season,” said Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.


  1. St John and Great Expectations weathered 2 epic hurricanes. See live webcams as they come online and read updates about the rebirth of the Virgin Islands.

  2. Feb 22, 2010. School Faces FBI Probe, Lawsuit, for Using Webcams on Laptops to Watch Students at Home. "Schools have very limited authority under the Constitution to deal with things that are off-premises after hours and have nothing to do with the school itself, so in this case I think the school was out of bounds.

  3. Webcam Atka. 9461 Comments. PLEASE NOTE Flash must be enabled on your browser to view these streams. Google Chrome users should click on the "Secure" lock on the left side of the address bar, find Flash in the dropdown, and click on "Always allow for this site." Thank you. Enclosure Cam · About Atka · Adopt Atka.

  4. Webcam Red Wolves M1784, F1858, & 4 Pups of the Year. 6354 Comments. PLEASE NOTE Flash must be enabled on your browser to view these streams. Google Chrome users should click on the "Secure" lock on the left side of the address bar, find Flash in the dropdown, and click on "Always allow for this site." Thank.

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