Ambre lake dating bret michaels

Since her time on the show, Oscar De La Hoya’s niece—yes, you read that right—has kept herself busy making club appearances and writing songs like “Pretty Messed Up” based on her experience on the show (visit her My Space page to check them out).talked to De La Hoya about reconnecting with her family, how she’s parlaying her TV stint into a new career and what it’s like to get brutally rejected for the enjoyment of millions. What kind of feedback have you been getting since Rock of Love 2 wrapped? When I make my club appearances there are tons of people there, and it’s like, picture-picture-picture-picture-picture!What was going through your mind when Bret called your name first? I wanted to believe that I was wrong, but I knew deep down inside that he wasn’t going to pick me.So, I was very upset the whole day…I drank half a bottle of Grey Goose by myself [laughs].Since picking Ambre over you, Brett’s implied in interviews that he’s not in love with the person he chose...I keep hearing that a lot, and it sort of makes me upset! No, I’m currently single, and enjoying the fact that I don’t have to worry about all the junk that comes with a relationship. Honestly, with the way things are going right now, I don’t have time to do anything except be on an airplane.When he finally called my name, it was sort of shocking because he started out by saying all these really awesome things: That he loved me, that he cared about me, and that he wanted to be around me.When he eliminated me after saying all that, I was just heartbroken.

That just makes me sad, but at the same time, Bret and I have an awesome friendship now. Yeah, I feel like maybe everyone else knew it was a game, so they sort of played it and I didn’t know that. I thought I was on this show to really try to be in a relationship. ’ In an interview with VH1, you sort of implied that Bret may have tried to hook up with you after the show. But he’s a guy, and at the end of the day, he’s a rock star. In retrospect, do you feel like you were too honest?Saturday, the winner of season 2 of Bret's reality show, , made what turned out to be an incorrect statement about Bret's condition—TMZ reported that Ambre Lake told them Bret was awake and talking, but his father, Wally Sychak, later said that Ambre was mistaken.While we wait and see what will happen with Bret's health, let's take a look back at some of the romances he's had in his life. Every rose has its thorn.) was also his ladyfriend for a brief time in the '80s, before Pam married Tommy Lee.You and Heather [the 2nd runner up from Rock of Love 1] got into a huge physical fight and were escorted offstage by security.[Click here to watch the altercation.] What happened?’ But now I’m hearing from people who watched the show and say, ‘You inspire me, you’re so awesome, I went through this too.’ The fact that I’ve made a connection with people and given them strength is cool.The reunion episode just aired, and of course it brought more drama for you.Right after the fight, I just fixed my hair, pulled my skirt back in order and walked off the stage.I was really mad and hurt by the fact that they’d allowed that to happen.I felt like that was planned too, and I felt a tiny bit betrayed by Bret because of it.Heather just kept running her mouth, and I couldn’t even get a word in about what I thought I was entitled to share.


  1. Apr 22, 2008. Instead, the final VIP pass went to 37-year old Ambre Lake, a TV reporter and B-movie actress from Chicago who Michaels recently admitted he's not in love with after. Since picking Ambre over you, Brett's implied in interviews that he's not in love with the person he chose. Are you dating anyone now?

  2. Jul 20, 2008. After last week's announcement that Bret Michaels and Ambre Lake's break-up, and that Rock of Love 3 Rock of Love Bus was coming, Ambre opened up to the folks over at VH1. According to the Rock of Love 2 winner, she and Bret gave it a good try, dating for ten months before realizing that they just.

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