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American dating customs

What makes studying abroad fun and interesting is the opportunity to observe and learn about the culture and traditions of people on your campus and in your community.

It can also be helpful to know how other people will expect you to behave, and will behave toward you while you’re away from home.

This was different from back home where we were not even allowed to chew gum, let alone eating anything in class.

During our classes back in India we had to stand up whenever we were addressed by the professor or whenever they walked in.

All the students had gotten to the class before the professor did and some of them were chatting and a couple of them were eating.

One student behind me was eating peppers or something and the professor walked in and said, “Hey Peter, the pepper smells good” and just continued on with the class.

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Similarly, in the United States there are some unwritten rules or social laws that people are expected to know when dating.

If eating can help students concentrate better in class, why not?

It differs from my hometown, since eating in class is totally banned.

My friend sitting next to me wrote “What R U DOING” on her notebook, and I wrote “EATING” back.

She laughed out loud after class and told me that I did not have to act like this, because most professors allow us to do so.


  1. Sep 29, 2017. While much of the western world may have similar customs when it comes to dating, U. S. dating customs may be completely foreign to people from other parts of the world. If you're new to the United States or considering going there for an extended period of time as a single person, it's important that you.

  2. Dec 22, 2017. Even under normal, non-royal circumstances, going out with someone from the UK isn't like dating a fellow American. The dating culture there has loads of differences, and even though our countries share a common tongue no pun intended and a lot of history, these distinctions just might surprise you.

  3. If all goes well, schedule a second date. If not, don't. But according to my singleton sources in the U. S. within this skeleton format there are certain cultural etiquette differences that you need to know if you're a Brit trying to snaffle an American partner on their turf. Here, people tend to take a business-like approach to finding.

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