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Season 17 of “American Pickers” premiered in April 2017.

The first episode chronicled their most expensive find, during a visit to Zane Leek in Oregon.

Reality series have always gotten a bad rep as people say they are staged and not 100% real. Rumors have been spread that producers actually place items ahead of Mike and Frank’s arrival.

Now, when Mike and Frank decide they would like to pick somewhere, producers call property owners ahead of time. All the searching and negotiations you see on TV are real. However, it took some time for him to convince that to network executives.“The best part is meeting the people,” he said to As a child, Mike was always fascinated by “vintage” items.However, he recalls one particular moment that he believed was the beginning of his picking career.He took that trade and from that day on Mike was addicted to picking.Mike has always frequented garage sales, as he knows they are one of the best places to find overlooked valuable items.While searching through the park’s items, Mike and Frank found some old sideshow banners. Upon appraisal, they discovered just one banner was worth ,000.After realizing he had an idea for a potentially great show, Mike began his search on how to pitch his show to network executives.If you were asked, what do you think the best part of being a reality TV star is, you most likely would quickly say things like the fame or the money.However, that is not what Frank’s favorite part is.Find out the behind-the-scenes secrets of “American Pickers,” and what Danielle, Mike, and Frank are like off-camera.Mike and Frank know how to spot a valuable item and are willing to pay big bucks for things they want.


  1. Known to star in History Channel’s American Pickers with Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, Danielle Colby-Cushman is a reality TV personality, burlesque d

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