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Ams radiocarbon dating labs

After chemical pre-treatment, the samples are burnt to produce carbon dioxide and nitrogen.A small amount of this gas is bled into a mass spectrometer where the stable isotope ratios of carbon and nitrogen are measured.In AMS the radiocarbon atoms are directly detected instead of waiting for them to decay.Sample sizes are thus typically 1000 times smaller allowing a much greater choice of samples and enabling very selective chemical pre-treatment.

-counting method are the much greater sensitivity of the measurement.

-counting method) or by directly counting the radiocarbon atoms using a method called Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS).

Measurement of the radioactivity of the sample works very well if the sample is large, but in 9 months less than 0.01% of the radiocarbon ions will decay, so in a reasonable measurement time (typically a few weeks) only a very small proportion of the radiocarbon atoms are detected by this method.

The sample is put into the ion source either as graphite or as carbon dioxide.

It is ionised by bombarding it with caesium ions and then focused into fast-moving beam (energy typically 25ke V).


  1. Since 1980 we have run over 37000 radiometric and AMS samples. During this time the popularity of AMS has grown from only 4% of our total throughput in 1996, to around 80% in 2015. Seven staff are now employed in the University of

  2. C will be measured on the AMS for fractionation correction for the radiocarbon age. δ 13 C, δ 15 N and CN will be run for bones on our EA-IRMS at no extra charge assuming there is sufficient sample material.

  3. Standard AMS 14 C dating service is for samples yielding at least 0.5 mg of carbon after chemical pretreatment often acid-alkali-acid treatment of organic material. The precision of radiocarbon dates for recent samples younger than 2000 years is better than 0.4% which equals +/-35 years for the 1-σ statistical uncertainty of the measured age.

  4. This dating service operates on a commercial basis and in conjunction with NERC/ARHC which funds the NRCF programme for British archaeologists. This dating service provides support for all stages of radiocarbon dating from project design and sample choice right through to data analysis.

  5. C WebInfo Radiocarbon dating AMS. radiocarbon atoms using a method called Accelerator Mass Spectrometry AMS. large number of AMS labs.

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