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An anal fissure is often caused by a hard or painful bowel movement, which damages the surrounding skin.A fissure can cause a severe or burning pain in or around your anus, especially when you open your bowels. You may also notice bright red blood on the toilet paper when you wipe yourself after a bowel movement.To increase comfort and safety, using plenty of lube (and patience) is always recommended. Oils can have an interaction with latex which breaks down its structural integrity.

The World Health Organisation has stated that "there is no evidence that condoms lubricated with N9 are more effective in preventing pregnancy than lubricated condoms without N9".If your internal anal sphincter goes into spasm (tenses), this reduces the blood supply to your fissure and stops it healing properly.An anal fissure can be treated with diltiazem cream or botulinum A injections.IM someone with an open mind as well as an open heart, who is excited to experience new things, someone who is level-headed and understands by nature we are all flawed.IM not afraid to speak my mind or show emotion, I would love to meet my equal in any of these.Your local sexual health or family planning clinic is a good place to obtain these.If needed, they can also provide advice and counselling.Its efficacy decreases after this period and it should be taken within 72 hours.STI checks should be made within 10–14 days of breakage.The opening and closing of your anus is controlled by your internal (inside) and external (outside) anal sphincter muscles.You can control your external anal sphincter yourself, but not your internal anal sphincter.


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