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Apple tv podcasts not updating

Step 2: Go to File → Home Sharing → Choose Photos to Share with Apple TV.Step 4: Now select “All photos, albums, events, and faces” or “Selected albums, events, and faces.” If you’ve chosen the latter, pick the albums, events and faces you want to stream to your Apple TV.By the way, folks using a third-party controller with their Apple TV will use the D-pad to select an item and press the A button to select it.When you choose to apply the software update, your Apple TV initiates a background download.On notebooks, Wake On Demand only works if a Mac Book is connected to a power adaptor.After the request has been fulfilled, the Mac will go back to sleep after its defined sleep interval in the Energy Saver preferences.The old Apple TV already had a Podcasts app, but it looks like the company had to delay the launch of this less important app.

Confirm that you wish to activate it by clicking Turn On Home Sharing.It’s important to avoid disconnecting the device during the update process.The Apple TV will automatically restart as part of the software update process and its status light may flash slowly during the update (this is normal behavior).Step 1: Launch i Tunes on your computer and ensure Home Sharing is on.In a drop-down menu, select where you want to stream photos from: i Photo, Photos, your account’s Pictures folder or a custom folder on your computer.To learn about new features, enhancements and refinements provided by Apple TV software updates in greater detail, check out Apple’s support document. The list of changes is quite short is the only visible change is a brand new Podcasts app.Shared photo albums, moments or folders also appear in the Computers app.RELATED: How to use ‘Shot on i Phone 6’ photos as Apple TV screensaver Your computer must be on and awake, and i Tunes open for your Apple TV to cache the photos.Tip: To set your Apple TV to automatically apply software updates, go to Settings → System → Software Updates and select Update Automatically.Step 1: Go to Settings → General → Update Software and select Update Software. If one is available, a download message should appear.


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