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Arab dating search engine 2016

It is interesting that Microsoft’s implementation of this type of wholesale social content censorship for the entire “Arabian countries” region is in fact not being practiced by many of the Arab government censors themselves.That is, although political filtering is widespread in the MENA region, social filtering, including keyword filtering, is not practiced by all countries in MENA.Microsoft’s declared aim from this type of censorship is to filter out “results that might return adult content.” However, filtering at the keyword level results in overblocking, as banning the use of certain keywords to search for Web sites, not just images, prevents users from accessing—based on Microsoft’s definition of objectionable content—legitimate content such as sex education and encyclopedic information about homosexuality.It is difficult to assess the impact of Bing’s filtering policy on access to information and freedom of speech in Arabic-speaking countries.For example, a search using the Arabic word for “sex” is banned, but using the Arabic term for “sex stories” is not banned.

It is important to emphasize that de-listing of results was not probed in this research.ONI testing reveals that Microsoft filters Arabic and English keywords that could yield sex- or LGBT-related images and content.We manually tested the search engine using a set of 100 Arabic keywords and a set of 60 English keywords that would yield results in various content categories, including sex, nudity, dating and escort services, LGBT content, violence and terrorism, politically sensitive content, minority and religious rights, and women’s rights.The keywords include “porn,” “sex,” “fuck,” “penis” (but not “vagina”), “sodomy,” “homo,” “sexual,” “sexy,” “clitoris,” and “anal.” The following is a sample list of keywords the Open Net Initiative tested.- Bing filters out English keywords that could yield sexually explicit Web sites.As other search engines have done, Bing could offer users the ability to choose their own level of filtering in a way that is transparent and easy to implement.This raises a separate set of questions regarding the motivation and standards for instituting search result filtering in the region. ONI testing reveals liberal filtering by Bing in one of the most censored regions in the world: the Arab countries.1 Users in the Arab countries2—or, as termed by Microsoft—“Arabian countries”—are prevented from conducting certain search queries in both English and Arabic.- There is no filtering by keywords if a user chooses another country (e.g., United States, Canada) as their location even if they are physically located in an Arab country.- One anomaly we found when probing filtering by keywords is that filtering does not work if a filtered Arabic keyword is used together with another non-filtered keyword.


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