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Are aaron rodgers and hillary scott dating

“He wore a baseball cap and asked for the quietest, most out-of-the-way table possible. It definitely seemed like he wanted to be incognito.” Sources also said that the duo sat close to one another in a booth while dining on cheeseburgers and monkfish, before leaving the restaurant together.Long before Munn and Margolius, Rodgers was linked to Lady Antebellum lead singer Hillary Scott.In 1997, Aaron and his Family Information About shifted back to Chico where he enrolled into Pleasant Valley High School.

Another woman Rodgers has been linked to is skier Lindsey Vonn.I guess we’ll just have to stick EA insider Jimmy Traina on this one, though he’ll probably be met with the same denials issued by most athlete/celebrity couples.See, the problem if they play the “we were just out drinking” and “we’re just friends” card, is that couples like Rihanna and Matt Kemp ruined that line; they repeatedly said they were just friends but it turned out they were really together.Being the Super Bowl XLV Champion and Super Bowl Most Valuable Player.Rodgers is also known for being two-time NFL MVP in 20. The two were spotted by other ESPN people last week drinking (closely) at the bar underneath Boston’s Liberty hotel..To the best of my knowledge, Andrews has never admitted to having a relationship with any professional partner (for all we know she hasn’t had one).Aaron debuted against Detroit Lions on September 11, 2005. Aaron Rodgers is a Super Bowl-winning quarterback and one of the best in the league, but he’s made headlines in the past for things other than his play on the field.While some publications referred to Scott as Rodgers’ “girlfriend,” the two never confirmed or denied if that was actually true. They spent New Year’s together with a bunch of mutual friends.They broke up because her schedule was crazy for a while and they just couldn’t stay together in that situation, but now they have been spending their free time together and things feel good. Things didn’t last though because by May of that year, the quarterback began dating Munn.


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