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Are justin timberlake and cameron diaz still dating

In September 2006, Timberlake told Ellen De Generes she could buy a dress for their wedding – then quipped, “The only thing is, you’ll have to stay the same size for the next 15 years.” Two months later, Diaz made her own appearance on De Generes’s show, and told the host of getting married: “I’m a commitment-phobe.Don’t want to do it.” Earlier this week, Timberlake kicked off his Future Sex/Love Show tour.You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.Cameron Diaz has no hard feelings towards her ex-boyfriends insisting she is still on speaking terms with all of them.

Timberlake and Biel have known each other for ages: though they have only been married for two years, their relationship began many years ago.

Cameron Diaz left fans stunned when she tied the knot with Good Charlotte singer Benji Madden in Beverley Hills earlier this month.

More shocking than their swift nuptials was the fact that America's sweetheart had found her Mr Right not in a Hollywood pin-up but a tattooed musician, seven years her junior. He's mine."While Madden is somewhere smiling after bagging one of the most eligible women on the planet, let's take a look back at some Diaz's Mr Wrongs that didn't make the cut.

‘I feel like all my relationships are strong – friends, family. Look back at my very first big press junket for a movie, and in one interview I was asked, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years? But the things I’m most successful at in my life are the things that I’m totally present in.

I’ve invested in my people and they’re invested in me.’ Diaz also claims she never plans ahead or dwells on her past because she is all about living ‘in the moment’. The more I realise that’s what makes me happy, the more I’m able to live in the moment.


  1. San Francisco Chronicle similarly stated of the film, "most impressive is Cameron Diaz, whose fatal-attraction stalker is both heartbreaking and.

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