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Astrology cusp dating

Depending on how hard you look, you can only see a part of this person’s personality. They are so focused on work sometimes that they can basically throw their whole soul, their whole being, and their whole emotional constellation into a particular project. It’s not unusual to discover that the great leader in your company or the great leader in your relationships is a Capricorn.

This applies to cusps in general, and this definitely applies to Sagittarius Capricorn cusp personalities in particular. It’s because of this monomaniacal narrow-minded focus that they get stuff done.

I nearly choked on a piece of pepperoni.“Are you a Scorpio? He continued chewing, blissfully unaware of the existential crisis I was currently enduring, and shook his head.“Nah, I’m a Libra.”I cannot describe the relief that washed over me in that moment.

As a Leo — and an astrology enthusiast — I have nothing against Scorpios, but I have oft been warned (and warned others) against the endurance of a lion/scorpion pairing.

You might think that you have everything you need to succeed, but guess what? You need to work with feedback; you need to work with a production mechanism to turn your ideas into reality. If you are at peace with the reality that you need more people in your life and you need to work within a team, you only need to do one thing and one thing alone.

And realizing this is what scares you, because you would like to hand on to that illusion of self-reliance and independence.

If your birthday falls between the 18th and 23rd of the month, you may be born on the cusp—or the borderline between two Sun signs.

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If you look at cusp signs this way, you will probably end up only realizing and appreciating 30 to 80% of the picture. This is why it’s not uncommon for other horoscope signs to look at the Capricorn as a go-getter.You feel that you have a lot of potential, but you don’t really have what it takes to effectively communicate this potential on an interpersonal basis.Your face-to-face social skills might seem a little rough to you, but the good news is if you look at yourself from a third party perspective—in other words if you step outside of yourself—you’re not doing too bad. You can actually connect on an emotional basis quite well.You can close a lot of sales, you can open a lot of relationship, you can basically do whatever you want on the social realm if you give yourself permission to.This is what makes it difficult; this is what makes it frustrating. The Sagittarius Capricorn cusp has very few limiting thoughts when it comes to raw talent. You know that you can be very focused if you want to.You can find out which sign you “officially” are right here on our website by running a free natal chart for yourself.You may need to call your mom or dig up a copy of your birth certificate to find out your birth time.Since most astrology books don’t have enough pages to include this information, they just list approximate dates. For example, a person born on August 23 may wonder, “Am I a Leo or a Virgo?” since they’ve probably seen themselves listed as both.Some astrologers believe that cuspers are a blend of both signs. In truth, you only have one Sun sign because Sun changes to a new zodiac sign at an exact moment each year.Fortunately, the matter can be settled if you know your birth time.


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