Asus updating ata firmware

Usually, there is a dedicated firmware upgrade section within the router administration site.

It may be located under the Router Setup page, the "About This Router" page, or perhaps under a “Maintenance” or "Firmware Update" heading.

After you enter the IP address of your router in your browser's address bar, you will likely be prompted for the administrator name (typically “admin” or “administrator”) and the default administrator password.

These credentials can likely be obtained from your router manufacturer’s website or they might be located on a label on the bottom or back of your router, typically located near the serial number of the router.

Many routers use as this address but it does vary.

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Some routers may require that you first save the file to your computer and then select the firmware file via the administration console.Download the most recent factory firmware, software utilities, and documentation for your device. Connect the other end to one of the LAN ports on your router (preferably LAN port #1). After rebooting, wait another 5 minutes and run a “ping” command from your computer to see if the router responds.Once you’ve downloaded the latest factory firmware, login to the router administration panel and upgrade the firmware using the upload feature. Remember, these are not high-powered computers like your desktop.IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t interrupt a firmware upgrade that is in progress or you could potentially damage (brick) your router.Try to avoid doing an upgrade during a lightning storm as firmware upgrades and power outages don’t mix well.However, if the manufacturer issues a major change, it could reset some (or all) of your settings.Therefore, its always a good idea to read the update notes from the manufacturer when downloading a newer version.This option is usually located within the “Administration” or “Configuration” section of the admin panel. Flash the router After you click “upload,” don’t do anything! When the upgrade is successful, three things may happen: If #3 happens, wait a several minutes and then navigate to the IP address of the router (, or whatever your routers IP address is). They are low powered devices with slower processors.It may take a few minutes for the router to adjust. TIP #1: In most cases (notice I said “most”), the upgrade will not affect your settings.As bugs are found and corrected, updated firmware is released.Router manufacturers may also issue a firmware update to upgrade features such as outdated encryption modules or they might add entirely new security mechanisms that weren’t in previous versions of the firmware.


  1. This helps you update the software on your ASUS device using your laptop/PC, in the event an Over-the-Air OTA software update fails. Caution The software upgrade process may take up to 30-35 minutes depends on Internet speed. Don't disconnect the device from the computer or power off the device until the update.

  2. Apr 4, 2017. 5. Install the latest Intel Thunderbolt 3 Firmware Update and reboot your computer again. 6. Install the latest Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver and reboot your computer again. 7. Plug in Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C device. For the list of Thunderbolt 3 enabled models, please refer to the following Asus article.

  3. Jun 13, 2017. One good reason why your router manufacturer may put out a firmware update is because they are trying to fix a vulnerability that was detected in the current. Apple; Asus; Buffalo Tech; Dlink or; Cisco/Linksys or; Netgear.

  4. Oct 6, 2014. Many people don't upgrade the firmware in their routers. It's dangerous and confusing. When I recently upgraded an Asus router, I experienced the danger firsthand. But, there are ways to protect yourself.

  5. Jan 3, 2018. Up until recently if you've wanted to improve the coverage area of your home WiFi network, your simplest options were to invest in a router with better range or pick up a WiFi range extender. But over the past few years a number of companies have released mesh networking routers that are designed to let.

  6. Jul 10, 2016. ASUS RT-N56U is a popular consumer wireless modem. It has been out for a few years already. So, if you bought it early on, it might be a good idea to update its firmware. Updating the firmware of this wireless modem is very easy Download the latest firmware Go to the Driver and Tools page

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