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You see, if I took all these offers up I’d never have to pay for food or coffee again.

(Here are a few ideas about why asking for lunch/coffee isn’t a great idea). Yes, it is always better to try and form a working relationship with a journalist before pitching them an idea you think they might want to look into. But you must also explain how you think the story came out, such as the OTHER journalist turned out to be so good they found it on their own. And if you gave the story to more than one journalist and told ALL of them they ‘had the exclusive’ then perhaps think about changing your identity and moving countries.

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Listen, I have no idea if it’s interesting or not until you send it! (Thanks, but I prefer drinks, and I also prefer drinks with my *actual friends* — fine if you have somehow become someone I like to drink with! Even worse, they haven’t read this post or seen my presentation on how to deal with tech media.I can sympathise with the eager startup founder who is desperate to get their story out and into the media. Journalists are jealous of their stories and if a contact approaches another colleague, first of all that is mildly insulting. What happens in a double pitch is that two journalists are unaware they have been contacted separately by the same company and both start working on a story.The worst case scenario is when they then both post an article (a “double post”).At time of registering do read the fine line etc when do you get payment, what happens if a guest cancels etc.If some one needs help will be glad to provide assistance in dealing with these portals.You wait, but the the journalist doesn’t get back to you. After a reasonable amount of time time (it very much depends on the person you are trying to reach and how senior they are and your relationship with them), then send it to the general editorial team. ALL EXTRA INFORMATION MUST BE SENT IN EMAIL IN PLAIN TEXT (Please do not attach PDFs, Word docs etc) *LINKS* TO PRESS KIT / PRODUCT VIDEOS / PHOTOS etc: CONTACT DETAILS FOR FOUNDERS – Mobile / Skype etc: LINKS TO FOUNDER PROFILES ON CRUNCHBASE: LINKS TO PREVIOUS RELEVANT STORIES ABOUT YOUR COMPANY: ANY RELEVANT OTHER INFORMATION? If you send it to another journalist on the same team, asking them to bug the first journalist (their colleague) about a pitch that the first journalist knows nothing about yet, this is bad form and wastes everyone’s time. *LINKS* TO SCREEN SHOTS OF MOBILE APP IF RELEVANT Note: Do not send screen shots of apps which are surrounded by explanatory information around the app. Lastly, if you do eventually hear back from a journalist they hey reject your pitch and say it’s not a story they want to cover, do not go to one of their colleagues with EXACTLY the same pitch.Either send the first journalist a new pitch with a different angle, and try that, or have a think and maybe try another journalist with a DIFFERENT pitch. But if in the office the journalists (who do talk to eachother!Recently i have been getting calls from quiet a few hoteliers on how to add their hotel inventory to online travle agents.Its interesting to see hoteliers chasing online agencies than other way around.


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