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Battlehorn castle quest not updating

I've kept the merged esps in the load order, but In order to do so, there is a small procedure to follow; if for example you want to disable "Skill Decay" mod, you must: -Run Wrye Bash -Deactivate Skill (it will say that also Bashed Patch and Dynamic Leveled will be disabled, keep going).

*Note that if the esp is tagged with imports, you must disable also its imports when rebuilding Bashed Patch, or it'll be imported when rebuilding it.

you'll notice this are is very similar to The Arena.1) Extract the part1 archive (be sure the 3 archives are all in the same place), be also sure to check the administrator rights if using Vista/Win7.2) Run Setup.exe, read carefully the installer descriptions.You'll will be pitted against 2 monsters, probably Minotaur, based off of your level.First, equip the armor that you are more skilled in, and the Staff.It is recommended that you set it to a Hotkey and unequip it when you have no need for light.Begin to go northeast to a slab of concrete, it actually forms a path, follow it.Walk up to the pedestal in front of you and take the Element of Perception on its top.Head down stairs and try to go out the front door called Test of Courage.Follow the path now, careful of the trigger hiding in the darkness.go west past the crystals being careful of the falling debris.


  1. Battlehorn Castle is a large castle west of. Here is a list of containers within the castle that will not. Both the note and the quest update about the.

  2. OblivionBattlehorn Castle quest. which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done. Stages are not always in order.

  3. Looking at your load list it seems you didnt install battlehorn castle. beastmax did it after updating to 4.01. So i Guess i would not

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