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Benefits of updating vmware tools

And the VMware Tools from ESXi 5.5 U3 are even compatible with the full range from ESXi 4.0 to 6.0 U1.

Myth #3: Finally VMware will decouple VMware Tools from ESXi releases and concentrate on developing a single version This was really my big hope when version 10.0 was published, until ...

I have a few questions as I'm new to patching/updating ESX.

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You can consider these KB articles release notes, but VMware makes them really hard to find.

Rather, when our engineering teams are ready with key features/updates, we should have the ability to get those benefits out to our customers as quickly as possible.

This release was announced and perceived as a great achievement, but - except for this good news that Brian shared with us - I cannot follow any of the other excited statements that were made about it.

A: VMware Tools assessment in v Sphere is comparing against the local version on the hypervisor the VM resides on. Often, it will help if you perform a Hypervisor bulletin scan and deployment to correct these inconsistencies.

As long as your patch definitions in Shavlik Protect are up to date the scan information from Protect should be correct in this regard.


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