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I've seen many threads regarding problems that people have encountered during or before/after game play. The purpose of this thread is to help you with problems related to points, unlocks and stat updates**This will not talk about lag, crashes nor VOIP problems because they have already been covered! BUG FIXES - Fixed the Linux server hangs when trying to load a Special Forces Co-Op map.

- Fixed the filter by maps size option in the server browser.- Fixed the bug that caused the player's arms to become invisible when switching weapons.- Co-Op bot console commands now function on local servers. Wait 2-3 minutes and log back in and either try that server again or try another one. If not post here along with the any more problems your having.**NOTE- You must have unlocks! Its your bedtime ( pm) and you go to check how many points to go till ranking.. Or, if your awards aren't updating: sometimes when you get an award they say you got it, but you go to Bf2 and its not there. You just get like a score of 150 points on a game or jet whoring on wake! If they are still there its a matter of waiting untill the stats server is back up. So hopping its the first one your log out and back in.. You get to the stats page and there are HUGE numbers there. Now reload the game and see if they are still there. Either Bf2 didn't update or you had a connection problem at the end of game and sometimes that screws things up ALOT.. If its #2 that sucks, go jet whore tomarrow and get the 150 back! Ok, if you are done playing a game or just logged in and you want to check your stats. If they are there then go ahead, you have to check your Bf2 files and move the "Bf2 files" to your desktop.- Fixed a low reproducibility crash bug related to the vehicle drop.- Fixed a crash in Co-op after a player is revived without a kit. Restart your computer, log back in and see if they are there.Patch v1.4 ================================================================================ NEW CONTENT - New level: Road to Jalalabaad (Conquest 16-32-64, Singleplayer, Co-op) - New Server Option: No Vehicles mode GAMEPLAY TWEAKS - The vehicle drop has been modified to help prevent exploits such as blocking enemy vehicles, destroying vehicles and commander assets, or as an alternative to artillery. - Another attempt at fixing the Red/Blue nametag bug.


  1. Anybody else not getting their scores updated? I am missing two promotions tonight, because the damn servers won't update!

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  3. BF2S Forums Battlefield 2 Help! Home; Live; Search; User. You just get like a score of 150 points on a game or jet. What happened? Its ok, it's Bf2 not you. So.

  4. Help! ny BF2 stats not updating, what should i do? it has been like this for the last 3 days or so. i even created new account but even the new account.

  5. Note that that is not a picture taken by me. Or try updating punkbuster. BF2 rank doesn't update? Board footer.

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