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Bill simmons 10 simple rules to dating the sports guy

He has read every single damn article you've ever written.

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Bortles plays the most complicated position in professional sports. He's everything the NFL loves in a quarterback.” Another evaluator worried about “his mechanical problems, both with his delivery and footwork, [which] are alarming because they seem to consistently break down when he’s under the most pressure.” All the tools … The 2017 Jaguars neutered Bortles to retool around Leonard Fournette and a potentially superb defense, recasting their QB as “The Vice President of Handoffs” or “The Executive Director of Exceedingly Safe Play-Action Passes.” It’s hard to imagine them bringing Bortles back next year, barring a postseason miracle or Bortles changing his name to Hulk Bortles or Blake Hugecock.

SG: Well, it could be worse -- you could be thinking about Calvin Schiraldi running out during the '86 World Series.

These alleged "vacations" of yours where you write "editorials" are all part of the facade, no?

But I really would like to banish all thoughts of Gagne and render the move effective once again.

A loyal (and frustrated) reader, --JC, Medford, Mass.


  1. Given the number of Americans who follow sports and watch television, Hollywood should churn out provocative, entertaining sports-related shows every few years. Think about it. How many sports movies get released every year? Seven? Eight? Even though only two or three sports movies stood out over the past few years.

  2. Before he gets to the NFL, Bill Simmons answers some questions from Daisuke Matsuzaka to 'Friday Night Lights.'. from the Sports Guy • Farewell, Doc Bill Simmons bids an advance farewell to Celtics coach Doc Rivers and starts looking forward to playing the lottery. • Beat The Sports Guy Week 11 Giants at Jaguars.

  3. A scientific examination of QB names, and the 15 essential rules for naming your Super Bowl–winning quarterback. Plus a crucial Week 9 pick. By Bill Simmons Nov 3, 2017, am EDT. If your friend started dating someone named Blake Bortles, you'd immediately ask her, “Wait, his name is Blake Bortles.

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