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I couldn’t get a question in if I tried and I felt that the camera crew was trying to keep from laughing.

(After all, everything was being recorded.)My heart raced when we reached the next date destination: a dance studio. a hip-hop one where Britney Spears had allegedly studied.

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I think one of my “racy” questions was, “Where’s the strangest place you’ve had sex?

I couldn’t wait for dinner to end, but the producers said we could go to another venue if we wanted to. My date whisper-slurred to me, saying how we soon would have to answer, on camera, whether we’d see each other again. 1950s in the other room, remembering how his eyes had pleaded with me to say, “Yes.” “Yes,” I told the producers, “I guess.”Weeks and weeks later, my male roommate and I watched the show together.

(I prayed it would not be a hot tub, which ended up happening on so many of the dates.) Luckily, someone chose the bar next door, though I would have been happy just to go home. “There’s no need for us to embarrass each other on national TV,” he said, “so why don’t we say yes, we will? 1950s in the other room, so my answer would be private (at least until it was televised). The crew said it had to be yes or no, so I waffled between them, saying, “Maybe… I didn’t want to announce it to friends until I saw it for myself. Three different times while recapping the episode, the show host, Roger Lodge, said something along the lines of, “I still don’t know what Natalia was doing.” Of course, Mr.

(I’m nearly hyperventilating writing and remembering this.) But, the super cool dance instructor and crew were waiting, as was my dance partner.

Unlike me, he was thrilled at the chance to dance on TV, the same way an American Idol hopeful would be to sing.


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