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It was fascinating, but also scary and nerve-wracking.

Even more so because it hadn't been my intention to go public."Seolhyun was reportedly shattered after the news broke.

But thank God, they did focus on an issue that is very important to me: The treatment of Sand People.

According to reports, Zico was there during Seolhyun’s tough times after her controversy, and he was there for her. #설현 #seolhyun #aoa #지코 #zico #블락비 #exclusive #idolcouple #zicoseolhyun #date #디스패치 #디패 #dispatch A photo posted by Dispatch (@koreadispatch) on Both stars’ reps have also confirmed the relationship.

I would not be surprised if the people doing the “feedback” requests this time around weren’t the same people doing the “feedback” requests last time–attacking the members under the guise of “defending” them from their label is not a new tactic here.

I also would not be shocked if these people were the same people who got upset about Block B doing activities abroad, P.

The two had split in October after dating for six months.

Many reports started appearing online stating that the two have reconciled.


  1. Sep 1, 2016. On the August 31 episode of MBC's "Radio Star," rappers Zico, Simon D. Gray, and actress Lee Sun Bin were featured as guest artists. Following the confirmation of his dating news with AOA's Seolhyun, Block B's Zico was bombarded with questions regarding his relationship with the singer-actress.

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