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Here is our interview with Andrew Boon, the Director and co-founder of Boon Ex.

To complete your Community site, Boon Ex also developed and integrated the Interactive Forum Script into Dolphin which supplements your site with the addition of a discussion place by providing groups and a forum. Look at how customizable and modifiable Dolphin is: Boon Ex is driven by its Unite People mission and despite the world’s current economic crisis, Boon Ex is working hard right now to bring you a revolutionary, new Dolphin version.

Again, with the Dolphin 7 we expect to at least double the download rate of the software because there is much more included, it is much more easy to operate and install and it is a lot more attractive than the current version.

What are the top 3 new features in the new software?

We researched the functionality of Facebook, My Space, Plentyof Fish and other websites that are popular right now.

So Dolphin 7 comes with improved navigation, new logic, it’s going to work faster, it’s going to have caching, the proper support of the clusters…


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