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Boyfriend logged into dating site

They are so scared they will miss the next best thing. Good luck to you Apparently there's a three month rule that no one explained to me, but exists.Really, they probably have it right under their noses. Your suppose to hide your profile while dating exclusively. I believe that means he hasn't been on for 2 days, not that he was on for those 2 days.

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yes he was a total stranger..didn't know nothing about him that he didn't tell you. Morals and rudeness are what one opinions are of them. Well, as most of us know, "other date sites" SHOW people on-line when, in actuality they are NOT online. How can any human decide that level of possessiveness after ONE weekend and a few emails/whatevers? Hey OP, I feel for you and unlike others who have posted replies, totally undersatnd what you are saying, there could be very obvious reasons that some have already mentioned, I know my fiancee has allowed her friend to use her profile to create postings on ther forums to save her friend any embarassement, you should ask him openly but not give too much away in the process.lol hmmmm apparently the FACT that you were his GUEST means nothing anymore. YET she has seen that he logged onto a dating site after their first and only physical "DATE"..she has decided he is rude and a cheat????? If my date was in my home regardless of whether it was a first date or a 15th date, or whether he lived across country or across the street, or whether we had been intimate or not, I would not log onto my computer and go into a dating site. But then again, I feel the same way about being on a date and your date has to check out every female that walks by and is oblivious to his behavior or sees nothing wrong with it. Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Don't get mad just enjoy the times spent together and communicate with each other..You go online to check your email on the dating site. If you like him that much guess you better spell it out with words.After one date would I feel the need to explain being on line in a site to someone?NOOp you used the term g/f until it was pointed out to you that one date (weekend long even) did not make you his g/f. Op you felt the need to inform us all that the two of you had sex. Did you feel that sex would sway people more to your side of this?:)I think everyone is saying the bits and pieces of the same thoughts.. I seen so one who does it all the time even if we had a great time. I feel oyu are jumping the guns on this in a couple of ways. Second how could you be his g/f when you just met once in person and only chatted online for a couple of months. When it says "active w/i the last 2 days, it doesn't mean he was on line at all! He was not on line while he was with you or during that weekend when he was apart from you.He even did a search when I went out to get supper. I find that with guys on here or at least I've met (not generlizing). Now ddi he ever say oyu were his g/f and he felt he was your b/f. When a person comes on line here it states "on line" or "on line today" .Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...


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  2. I noticed that she would periodically be online early while we were dating, for the first couple of months. Which was fine, my account was still.

  3. I found out you cant email the site without first being logged into the site. Boyfriend cheating online on dating site. Why would my boyfriend.

  4. Why does okcupid show that my boyfriend was logged in two days. in the "last logged on" section? My boyfriend deleted his. where we got into a.

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