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Brandy dating chris brown

She entices a whole mob of men with her dance moves -- they follow her around like lovesick puppies.

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) silhouette contrasting with the bright colors behind him, but gets fully clothes once more to join Brandy for a few scenes.Brandy's new album ' Two Eleven' (which represents the numerical month and day of her birthday) will arrive in stores this summer. While longtime fans will delight in Brandy going back to her trademark braids in solo shots, the erstwhile ' Moesha' star dances with her girls in front of cars while sporting a stunning head of curls in others.“I kinda forgot what that felt like,” says Brandy, who topped the charts at the age of 15 with her self-titled debut. I think I’m just happy to be doing this and to receive the love that I’ve been receiving is just amazing. I can’t believe this is really happening.” He loves me for every personality I have. He accepts me as who I am and he can see me for who I am. Chris Brown called you one of the best female vocalists and an inspiration. So to come from someone who has talent and can recognize someone else’s gift, it feels great. In addition to her career, her love life is also having a resurgence these days. It’s amazing to check my Twitter and to see all the love, so that feels good. And to have so many people that are on board and people calling me and saying, the record is that and that, it’s been so long I kinda forgot. It feels good to hear my inspiration in his music and that makes me feel good. You want to inspire people and you definitely want to inspire other artists and help them find their voice. Did you work with Chris on any other tracks on the album aside from “Put It Down”? Although Brandy's sixth studio album is coming a little later than expected -- after originally being slated to come out in March, the full-length will now arrive this summer -- the singer unveiled its first single, "Put It Down," on Thursday (Apr. The Chris Brown-assisted track, the first from new album "Two Eleven," will hit digital music services on May 8.Perhaps taking a cue from in-vogue female hip-hop personalities like Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks, Brandy builds her latest single around a cheeky little refrain, "Imma put it down/You gon' fall in love," before showcasing her dearly missed, still potent pipes. Norwood leaves the rapping to Breezy, who takes over at the mark and tosses out an inspired "sippin' on that brandy" double entendre.Brandy and Chris Brown just dropped their video for ' Put It Down,' and now the former ' Moesha' starlet is dishing on collaborating with Breezy both on the clip and on her upcoming record, ' Two Eleven.' She revealed she was actually nervous to work with Brown -- because he's so talented -- and why Breezy's the only feature on the record, due Oct.16."We had a great time shooting the video, [but] I was so shy, because he's such a great entertainer and dancer," Brandy dished to MTV. Was “Wildest Dreams” inspired by your boyfriend, Ryan Press? He’s a knucklehead because he’s staring at me right now. I got a chance to work with different people more than I did in the past because in the past, it was pretty much one producer that I would work with and I didn’t really get a chance to explore a lot of different talents. Of course, Sean Garrett is like the main writer on the album, but just producer-wise, everybody gave something different for it.


  1. Mar 27, 2015. Karrueche Tran began dating Chris Brown in 2011, shortly after he was charged with two felonies for allegedly beating then-girlfriend Rihanna. But in the following year, the two pop artists rekindled their romance, much to the surprise of the 26-year-old model who was also seeing the 25-year-old bad boy.

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