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British dating show

When only two contestants are left, the person deciding takes off their own clothes and chooses which one to go on a date with.They hug – yes, it’s awkward – walk off together, and then we get to see how the date went.While we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of mainstream dating shows willing to open their doors to queer singletons since then, many remain depressingly straight.Hell, a few years ago, ITV2 aired a dating show literally called that was somehow entirely heterosexual.Why is a show ostensibly about showing off ‘real people’ so dominated by white, young, thin bodies without visible disabilities?certainly isn’t “the worst programme ever shown on television”, as Mediawatch-UK (the current incarnation of Mary Whitehouse’s infamous National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association) claimed last year, but you might end up feeling a little skeezy watching it.But there’s a strange kind of satisfaction in watching the objectification we’re all subjected to every day taken to the extreme.

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The series has been slated by critics for being “degrading”, and it’s hard to deny that when you’re watching someone choose between potential dates based solely on their genitals.And back then you only had to keep up with a couple of shows!Who has time to sift through all the dating shows out there to work out which ones have queer content, never mind which of those make you wish they hadn’t bothered? This list isn’t going to cover every single dating show on UK television, because I only have Freeview and quite frankly I’m a little too scared to go digging around the more obscure satellite channels.We’ve had , a show in which daters were covered in prosthetics and transformed into mythical creatures before they hooked up, but queer romance has been a step too far for most of the history of dating shows.We started to see LGBTQ folk appear in the 2000s, but it was limited to grim stunt shows like the wildly transphobic – in which a woman had to determine which of a number of potential male partners were secretly gay – in 2012 hopefully closed that era for good.The entire thing is run like a game show, and even when the rejected lonely hearts are given the boot or the date goes horribly wrong, it feels like everyone’s in on the fun.It’s definitely the sweetest show on this list, and if it can just promise me a few more queers in future, I’ll be tuning in again when it comes back.well, anybody really, but it’s not fun being left out of the party.At least when talent shows were the big thing we had Alex Parks and Lucy Spraggan.When exactly did the British public fall in love with dating shows?It’s been a quiet takeover, but somehow the TV schedules have ended up filled with lonely hearts looking for love, from lunchtime marathons of , which ended up becoming such a phenomenon the finale was screened in cinemas and journalists wouldn’t stop asking Labour leader and absolute boy Jeremy Corbyn who his favourite contestant was (it was Marcel). However, this love affair has traditionally been exclusively heterosexual.


  1. The best dating reality shows offer viewers the unique perspective of watching singles trying to find the perfect mate. Dating tv shows are nothing new, but they're nearly always entertaining. Some of the most squirm-worthy moments in dating awkwardness are often seen on reality shows. Do the contestants ever find true.

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