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In the post 18 months, there have been at least three derailments from tracks near Gooding and Shoshone; none of the derailments involved trains carrying radioactive wastes. the ki^ that can’t besbseateoed bv l: pjgtr:titr B nine . Clinton’s approval ratings Huveramund-SO percent, down 10 peiccn r from when she became first Indy, By contrast.

- Rickiuds.saidhe’s advocating a peaceful, d^ocratic fight against “the most, unenforceable deal since the federal-govemmcm promised the Indians everything west of the Mississippi.’' In addition to aciivtsis, several rank-and-file Magic Valley citxzeits were critical of^tt’s deal with the U. “Eve^onc wants to throw this nuclear waste away and forget about it, but that's on attitude can get us into trouble.” Hydcr said L “It’s on ostrich mentality of sticking our heads in the sand and hoping the problem goes away." Retired electronics engineer Lee Kelly of Twin Falls said he’s leery of trains hauling nuclear waste us- ing rail lines through the Magic Valley. Maybe the Navy wi H b e gin to plan for ted c i gicr Tjl secnchy.

"No other state has that kind of ossur- ance," Datt Bes) H o ivr a Quality Care Genuine Honda Parts OPEN MON.-FRl. 8AM-1PM aii Mnra Rs ’1 III oistoher saiis Fac Tioii or un ford, liiicolk-mercuby dealer in the state of Idaho for 19951 that our young people are getting the message (hat they ore pan of a much larger world," said Riley. Aad Bocities des c ri b ed it * 2 S a sscdl «■ *1 r-gii^ fr TTcdl with eaplo- rives f"*** i m nc — ffrt- trademark device of Algeraa in s ur g en ts wbo ' Ime a terror campaign in the Rasfa b in rw was cearic g fait swing wfaaa wfagi the Hast shredded the wnw Ktl ezr of tfie RER re g i on a l sidlth«Ci MUCouniy l| Scnlaf Cilpm HBO Ule Stories Dead Drunk The Kevin Timgsiary' * Fridi T October 07 4D0pm . Instead, board rpcmbeis voted S-3 to expand the cooperative program the University of Idaho operates in Boise, But the board has two new members since the January vote — Jerry Hess of Nampo and Harold Davis of Idaho Falls. Phil Batt has decided that at least in the case of electrical engineering, a Boise State-run school is in the best interests of the students.

Based on timetables indlatted.jby'the \^P| ' its spent fuel cuuld • \j arrive at the INEL. • ^ promises to pump nearly SXOO million f in federal money k into operations of ^ the Idaho. j * -I *hat removes a sc- in det Sll vcrc environmental - A5 threat 10 the Snake ■ I ■! ^V^od River Valley Moody cloudy with a slight chan c e of rain sfaowen lod^ with decreasing clouds by late afternoon. The study found higher scores for youngsters whose parents had mofb education, and private-school pupils did better than those in public schools. Vc Oonald'a Cartoon Al Stars To The Rescue' pm Captain Planet Hind Po Oution' S:00pm • Dow To Rabe ADrug Free Chilrr . He also continues to dis- pute cloims that the state cannot afford two engineering schools, cit- ing he fact that states such'as' Montaim maintain two CTgineering sciioors' with popinair6ris'’much' ' smaller than Idaho’s. over the costs of faculty travel, between Moscow and Boise, calling them minoi^when . Apply in person ot Bor- doy Mechanical Sotvico 490 W.

Shauna and her cohorts, senior Stan- ley Cram CT and OXcory ninth' gradtin; Brett Brock and Knryn Hofcnah. ' Anyone who sees Wolfe should call the Twin Falls Police Department at 73d-, 2200 . Tech Institute, Educational Talent Search and Americah Institute of Health, all located ' imldoho. (yffotiuaw S’ TWmr AZXS- Kl MBm T 733-6600 Death notices be announced by the Payne Mortuary 1995,' at the Nfagic Valley Regional in Burley. Medical Center in Twin Falls, follow- ing ac^ apparent heart attack at Jiia Pete J. members hope that the |‘contract of the city upgrading its electrical AT mnw r- r' At meetings. director of the Idaho Citizens Medicaid's rolls is that people of four Idaho residents who lack "In this day Network, a non-profit hca Jth-cnrc would be more likely to seek treat- ■ BOISE (AP) — Almost three out of four Idaho residents who lack health coverage do not realize it may already be available to them through Medicaid, which pays medical bills for the poor and dis- abled.

want to- use music and puppets to educate stu- dents about how AIDS is — and isn't - spread. • Magic Valley College Fair set for tonight at Twin Falls Hi^ TWIN FALLS - The Magic Valley College Fair 1995 will be held from 5 to ■ 8 p.m. More than 40 schools from other states will also be represented! Mayor Donald'' may increase the city's chances of system and reselling it. been warning residents for months been intent on getting the contract grant application was denied, one The meeting has been scheduled that the increase was coming and signed before a Nov. I No one advertises Medicaid on television or sends out mass mail- ings, even though the program could reduce the number of Idaho residents who carry no medical insurance — estimated in a new "In this day Network, a non-profit hcalth-cnrc would be more likely to seek treat- and age, where advocacy organization. by and large, Cameron puts “if they don’t receives S3.987 worth of care each little stock in preventive cure. -H«paycrs likely- would— the pover Ty level know about it. The program’s S329 million "Th'ere’s an awful lot of preveri- thcy’vc chosen budget is about three times larger live care measures that aren’t worth not lo know than it was eight years ago, the money they cost," he said, about i L” although Idaho's population has The figures on the number of ‘ If more people grown only 1 0 percent in that time. looking for motivolod Indl- vlduol to drive roglonol flaibod track.

Their skit for older students also would include discussions of AIDS pre- vention. Thc^ group showed its AIDS skit to Txyin Falls school administrators last week, and incorporated of their Please see PUPPETS/A2 \U- IT , 'Secret' nuclear waste shipments will soon resume through Bliss, Good- ing, Shoshone and Minidoka. Protesters say they’re set to confront nuclear trains By W illiam Brock ■ and Vtigmia S. tonight in the gymnasium at the Twin Falls High School. Junior and senior high school students and their par- ents or guardians arc encouraged to- attend. Most recently, he worked as a and he'wont to live with nis grand- Jr)9- Burial will follow at the Pa U bookkeeper for Quality Fresh Foods parents. On Cemotery; Friends may call from 10- of Twin F^lls. on Friday at the Bernie was a life member of the school sweetheart, Francine chljrch. AUDl UN - ^y Council mem- Danmy and other council mem- getting community development The council also plans to com- pers will meet Thursday to discuss bers nave said that the city’s bud- funds to upgrade the city's cicctri- plclc its Slock grant pre-applica- raismg cicctncal rates and com- get cannot absorb an increase in cal system. 3 block grant of the concerns expressed by the for 7 p.m. ‘‘We don't ment early, before ii medical condi- knowlcdgc is so tell people programs exist, and then tion gets more serious — and more prevalent.’’ we save money.” expensive. Mcdicaid-confuscd Idahoans come did apply for Not everyone who lives below from a Gallup poll released Inst shell out more than the S329 mil- week, by Blue Cross-of-|daho,“thc- I year for a family of four — state's largest insurer. U9i dhxnigiii -Nov.-3^un rfhe Cintn*ir-Snr ffttt»A'— i HOW CAN YOU TELL IF YOUR TEEN NEEDS HELP? ir^ou novo n c Hc o d semo of tnoxo UQrxs in one of vour toons or oro concomod obcut e thor Donoviccs.

Buhl activist Bill Chisholm, who earned statexvidc notoriety and a criminal record in 1992 when he threxv red paint on a train-home cask of nuclear 'waste, said he's “looking at all possibilitic.s" to stop more trains ftom carrying wxstc into Ida- ho. “We arc now working 'with Idaho’s six Indian tribes so that services for their children and families respect the tribal culture and volues^” said Roscanne Hardin, state administrator - -of- the— Division-of— Family--and'” • Community Services. or what it could Rupert Republican who is among “One of the ways that we have racked up big bills from doctors do for them. Vf Y Calllor Brochure Alice Carat -d SB mg &tuipncnl Household - Burley AOvert Benata-Oai B Dae & Ctaa bore - Co Ue Oibles - Guns Household - Coins - Rdna - Canpet Tools -Itnineo ^ngefitair pasu,'~^'ihilrrd J I it S-i W'®*;; . Assistant Proressional Mike Magallan said legistrotion must be completed by a.m. Twin Falls fopi^ Burley 15-5, 15-7 while Highland, silting out the first match, came back to beat Pocatello IS-8, 1 5-7. today^at Bruin gymnasium with the winner advancing to the finals of the double-elimination tournament. “We've been having those mental laps- es in the middle’ of our matches but tonight wc earner back from it.** said Coach Mike Federico.

“Idaho has given up so much in exchange for empty promises, but that's business as usual because we’ve had decades of empty promises” over radioactive waste storage, said Beatrice Brallsford. East- 733-0900 Right now, in some school districts, third graders are learning how to solve this equation. Gardcn Volley, 40 miles north of Boise in Boise County, to have their drinking water tested. you're bound to be orilicazed if van don't fit some category, ai ststso- lypc that -pecple wash ao a mp o se cm you.” ' During her trip to Lanin Aansraca. Clinton sought to csta HHsb a middle ground that blended ber command of public policy uat- ditionnl ccmcciats. Stndy: Geography skills improve ■ WASHINGTON (AP) — The ffrar comprebensive study of the gcographic T skill of America’s youngsters' shows they arc “getting thermessage- that they arc part of a larger worid.** Education Secretary Rlchaid- W. “Wu/fenot at the head of the doss- yet: ...it’s a good start.” added. Grosvenor in reliosihg' the results of National Assessment of Educational Progress tests.

One anti-nuke activist said Unde Sam will be getting a great deal - a place to dump nuclear waste in ex- ' change for piomiscs. 20 & 21 Reservation (I , Rtijuired j | ^_L I I I j perperson Uptown 117 Main Ave. fy /$ti •Blinking Halloween Decoro Urto Kl U d/ D ^ . or Co«id Wooer J Crotoley Is Your Hoiioween gj Hatloween Hcadquaitcrs Don't Forget To Stop In And Register To Win A Free... - -j.‘: So healtn oflicials Tuesday urged residents of. “That to me is much more inclusive than elec- toral politics.” When people ask her how she can stand the criticism,' Mrs. her image — arc a result of “aii E inevitable balancing of all ibe responsibilities'” that wfimcn daeg, ”I'vc cenne to amayi xbn &a fine it’s an ine\'itablc donblr bond.'” said. or really anyone who's been an position -with very feu- exeqatinns.

The fine for failure to remove cer ta in waste from INEL by 2036 is not adjusted for inflation. ,000 a day could be conadered cheap for a nuclear dump fee. And the successful opening of any permanent storage site for nu- clear waste is unlikely, she Insist on hitfhnr acodsmle standards In yc Mir school district. If you dtdn 't get your copy of this giant coupon saolngs book, drop In & still rcccloc our great dollar day values. “But high levels can cause staining and pitting of childi^’s teeth ond serious bone and joint problems.” Health-officials tested 38 wells in a fivc-mjlc square area north and east, of Crouch, including two that scryc the Garden Valley School. follow^ by serious bone and joint I problem, he said ‘Tl*s a matter of prioritizing,” he said Monday. 15-19 we'll introduce you to c few of our personalities and ask that you Nome The? Deta Bi: 5 ffifreront boocta I b* introducad' in Tno Times News ; fr OTt Sun.. She met with reporters wb Hle attending a confcreaiec of 3, arii-n leaders' -wives, •wbere sbe announced Sl].7'iin Iljanin U.: S. in the first narionallstudy of geegraptiic knowl- edge: showed, or Ica St a basic under- .stonding' of the subject, the Ediicatton; Departmem rqioned. Freeman, Stacy Anderson and Burley: Lori Delhi of Deelo; Howard Gransbury of Martha Oelgodo, all of Rupert; and Flora Casselsof Onkley.

Pocatcllo-based staffer witb the Snake River Alliance: “What’s surprising the state of Idaho still accepts empty promises,” Bratlsford saic L f Thc governor has tried to por- tray this as a win for Idaho.” Brails- ford said, “but 1 think the politi- cians want to get this behind them, before there are any opportunities for people to s peak thdr minds at the ballot box.” Snake River Alliance members in Kctchum Tuesday were examining the agrecmcffl b et ween Batt and the federal government, which they say has “lots of loopholes.” according to Glaccum. of two midshipmen for dnig posses- sion earlier this year. And in some school districts, sixth graders axe learning. where seniors will receive a diploma without ever having to face the question. Teste sho)^cd elevated, levels of flu- oride, probably caused by. “Low levels of nuoridc; Con help prevent tooth decay,** said Brian Abbott, public health toxocologist with the Health and Wcl£^ Department. ond you could win *150 vo'th.,of merchondise from [he Snops of the Magic Volley Mo W during our Grand Opening Fridoy ond ^hirdoy, October 20-2 1 . I Comptets ora entry form for each I day at D*Utas by Sat.. Thal bnlmf-f •u'as tmdeisc Gired b%' the moment she cbose to speak om. Nearly, three-quarters of the f Sifl OO' pupils tested. — — ’ CASSIA REGIONAL ^a DZCAL CENTER MINIDOKA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Adtoitted Admitted Amy Funk, Lloyd Lumpkins and Clarence Staheli, all of • Frank Hatch, Louis E.


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