Burundi dating international

Afarak purchased the German-based company, from Kermas in 2012.

EWW is an expert smelting operation, producing a range of specialist products, such as ultralow carbon and high chrome content ferrochrome which are used in the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as in power generation.

We are also planning to build large scale hydropower and solar plants in order to meet the electricity needs of our future ore processing work in Burundi.

Elektrowerk Weisweiler (EWW) is the oldest speciality alloys plant in Europe, dating back to 1905.

It owns a shipyard, two large sites for marinas, and a wind farm.

Kermas is also a major shareholder in a diesel engine factory, Adria Diesel in Karlovac.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has some of the largest hydro potential in Europe and is a vital part of Kermas' green energy expansion strategy.

Kermas has already invested in four small hydro power plants and is actively seeking out similar investments.


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