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By the close of that year, all the provinces in Canada had granted full suffrage to women.Municipal suffrage was granted in 1884 to property-owning widows and spinsters in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario; in 1886, in the province of New Brunswick, to all property-owning women except those whose husbands were voters; in Nova Scotia, in 1886; and in Prince Edward Island, in 1888, to property-owning widows and spinsters. It also called forth a surprising amount of attention from the press.“In other words: I doubt you’re seeing a ‘spike’ in this type of activity.These scams are the broken windows of the social media world: background noise that’s always going on with Facebook and other platforms.The scam is basically to become friends with you to gain access to your friend network.The defense, of course, is to convince the brain to overrule the penis in John’s sample dialogue above.“More sophisticated scams might have actually engaged with you and tried to cultivate your interest and get .“This is basically Facebook spam — send it, forget it, and wait for some sucker to friend you back because ‘So pretty!!!’”That said, nefarious forces could do a lot with an accepted friend request.

Anyone who’s hosted an ad on Facebook has seen this firsthand.

After attending a meeting of the American Society for the Advancement of Women, in Cleveland in 1877, and meeting many women of the United States, Stowe, on returning home, felt that the time had arrived for some similar union among Canadian women. During these years, too, mainly through the work of the Woman's Literary Club, the University of Toronto, was opened to women. It was believed in 1883 that public sentiment had sufficiently progressed to warrant the formation of a regular Woman-Suffrage Society. However, it was agreed that it was not politic to criticize the franchise bill before the House, on the principle of 'half a loaf being better than no bread'.

Talking it over with her friend, Helen Archibald, they decided that it would not be politic to attempt at once a suffrage association but, in November 1877, organized what was known as "The Toronto Woman's Literary Club". On February 1, 1883, the club met and decided the following was record: "... Accordingly, objections were set aside, and every woman worked towards securing this partial reform, even though, if married, she would not directly benefit by it.

In security circles, we talk about ‘social engineering,’ which is basically online grifting.

So a note with the friend request like: ‘Hey [YOUR NAME]! Just thought I’d connect with you on Facebook, too! ’ That may not fool you, but it fools a lot of people and is low-hanging fruit for any scam.’”Friend requests with no context but with ample cleavage or shredded abs suggest little premeditation, Roberts explains,and aren’t likely to work on anyone but the loneliest and most clueless targets.


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