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There were a total of three red female puppies (Eiko, pink collar; Eisha, purple collar; and Ember, red collar) and two cream-colored males (Enoki, green collar; and Edo, blue collar).

The sixth litter of puppies was born on November 10, 2015, born to Chiyoko (aka Yo-Yo) from the "C-Team" litter, and Hiro, an AKC/UKC Champion male Shiba imported by the family from Japan in 2013.

The C-Team puppies are, in order of birth: Chozen, aka "Zen" (boy); Chame (boy); Chisaki, aka "Saki" (girl); Charlotte (girl); Chiyoko, aka "Yo-Yo" (girl); and Chikara (boy).

The last boy pup, Chikara, has the highest birth weight of any of the pups at 11 ounces.

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Unlike the previous two litters, the "C-Team" sire was a black-and-tan Shiba (a Japanese-born dog by the name of Kurosuzutama Go Aomori Sakaesou); however, despite the sire's color, all the puppies are red.

Fate and Fuji are the black-and-tan colored pups from the litter.

All the other puppies went to new homes as family pets in mid-late January 2016 with the exception of Fuji, the black-and-tan puppy.

This litter of pups are referred to as the "F-team" to mark the 6th litter that the couple have raised in their home.

The litter had five pups in total; four female and one male.


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