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With its diverse geography, friendly people, and stunning scenery, the “Land of a Thousand Smiles” is a must-see destination in South East Asia.

Thailand is the 50 largest country in the world with an area roughly equal to that of France.

This region is mountainous and filled with thick forests and river valleys.

Its culture is heavily influenced by Burmese culture and it carries strong influences from the historical Lanna kingdom.

With its fertile plains, it has also long been the economic center of the country, producing the majority of Thailand’s rice.

Central Thailand is also the area that has the greatest population density, and the greatest concentration of the ethnic Thai majority.

It is the region of Central Thailand that is predominant, though.

No matter how frustrated or upset a person might feel, he or she will always strive to maintain a positive and friendly attitude, a sense of humor, and a smile.

Northeastern Thailand, also known as Isan, is largely isolated from the rest of Thailand by a large mountain range.

A Lao-speaking majority, as well as a primarily agricultural society, characterize this culturally distinct region.

Hinduism has also made important contributions to Thai culture, and the close links between Thailand and India can be seen in art, literature, and in many Thai customs.

The cultures of nearby Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and China have also played an important role in forming the traditions of Thailand, as have indigenous belief systems such as Animism.


  1. Culture Thailand lies between Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos, with the Gulf of Thailand to its south. Its culture mixes strong Indian influences. Culture in Thailand.

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